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@SwooshyCueb I had issues with KWin just because I have two monitors, which were bad even though I was using X11. It would periodically do things like one of the lock screens dying and respawning on top of the primary monitor instead of the secondary, leaving the secondary either exposed or blank.

@shaderphantom @SwooshyCueb I must have a really early UEFI implementation, my board only started implementing Secure Boot mid-life, requires Windows 8 Support to be turned on to use it, and doesn't ship with any keys installed, whatsoever. I was also able to manually install my own personally generated keys for a Linux secure boot, but stopped using that as I wouldn't be able to sign my Windows boot with it, and also Windows sucks because it enforces WHQL signed drivers now under Secure Boot.

@SwooshyCueb Damn, that must be some nasty huge solution. I have a big solution, but it's only like just over 100 tiny projects that are all depending on the same 5-6 base projects, and it loads rather quickly, even after a fresh boot of my dev VM.

@ruxnor @TonicBH Damn, I glanced over that name, and for a brief moment, I thought it was a reference to a Do Not Resuscitate order.

@roxy I sold my iMac, but I still have a 15" MBP I rarely use, and still have some software projects I sort of maintain. But I stopped paying the Apple Dev Tax this year, so my primary dev account expired, and all I've got now is a trusted spot in the foobar2000 Mobile dev team, which I don't even use any more. It doesn't help that to share the sole allowed signing key for a given platform, the developer who generates it has to share their private signing key with other devs on the team.

@roxy It just wasn't that noticeable, since it sounded just like a drum kick, I think.

@roxy Yeah, I've even helped them fix some of their rips. I think I had to fix that one song in their Ardy Lightfoot rip, because it had the aforementioned level start sound effect stuck in it.

@roxy This is way easier to deal with if you have the ability to debug the entire game and simply locate the music upload code and just upload songs on boot, like SNSF does. SFM also replicates the same data exchange, albeit with a dumb log instead of actually running a partial SNES that just plays music, and therefore needs the 5a22 and several main system components to facilitate song uploads to the SPC. Some games are way worse and require constant data exchange.

@roxy I also had to contend with this when ripping some of the tracks from Ardy Lightfoot. One of the tracks, if you don't hop off the moving platform across the level end boundary, you'll begin the next level with the noise of landing on the platform in the start of the music rip.

@roxy Some day, I want to make a proper SPC rip of that, if there isn't one already. I recall trying to make one from actual in-game events instead of trying to debug the game code, and some events just forcibly insert sound effects on the start of an area, like when a dozen constantly hopping characters get out of the car, all making little blip noises as they hop.

@roxy I really hated the dizzy effect in Spike McFang, it frequently got me killed. Then again, I also haven't gotten better at that game. I beat it a long time ago, then the last time I revisited it, I couldn't even beat the first level.

@dzuk One of our cats likes to lay on desks, even occupied desks, and used to get in front of my screens, until I put my keyboard up there after the great keyboard drawer disaster. She still does the desk thing while my dad uses his computer, though.

@drbuttocks @fribbledom Oh hey, it's one of the people on mastodon dot social that I can see at all, because I'm following them. Because I'm on an instance that otherwise totally mutes that instance because it's "too big". If the current super busy federated timeline on this instance is any indication of what "not busy" is, I shudder to think of what it would look like if we were federating mastodon dot social in general.

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@roxy I probably drink 24oz of iced tea and 20oz of coffee each day. I don't yet consider that a problem. At least I mostly don't drink sodas any more. That's 2x iced tea with a single packet of stevia extract powder each, and 2 mugs of hot coffee with probably way too much caramel mocha creamer each. And I don't blame that caffeine intake on my trouble getting to sleep, I blame hard time getting comfortable in bed, and only being awake for about 12-13 hours before heading to bed.

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@queerzel @ShugoWah I have a 4k monitor, but I didn't get it with the expectation of being able to game on it at that resolution. Some games are simple enough to run 4k60, like Katamari Damacy REROLL. Of course, it's probably just 30fps hard limited, so it doesn't even matter if I lower the resolution to try to grab a faster frame rate.

@Ween @pixl but they did it for the totally understandable reason of making it a dyed pattern instead of painted on! All in the name of fashion!

@ShugoWah @shaderphantom Working better than FFXV which I recall doesn’t even launch because it needs .NET 4.x 64 bit to work, or at least I couldn’t get the benchmark tool to run in any meaningful way.

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