lol today has been inordinately sexy so far & its only 10am


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you ever feel like this timeline is collapsing in on itself

trying to resist a depression nap & failing: my life story

my teeth would probably be in better shape if i didnt grind them constantly


i could put groceries in the bags under my eyes

fluffing myself up like a pillow & disappearing into my own fur like some kinda gigantic dustbunny

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metaphorically pounded in the butt by my executive dysfunction, a tingler


420 time to pack a bowl (of cereal bc im hungry)

pet me pet (fluffs up his chest fluff) me pet me pet me pet me pet (stomps cutely in rhythm) me pet me pet (swishes tail back & forth) me pet me pet me pet (tries hard to look angry but just looks adorably pouty instead) me pet me pet me pet me

normally i clown on pitchfork but they killed it with their review of Grimes' new album.

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