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? Okay sure

I'm Matt, a left-minded nerd and professional tech guy™.

I made this account on the birdsite originally in order to have a politics/professional account. I was closeted for years

I'm out now, and I occupy that "lefty LGBT/furry" social media niche, but don't get public about my furry activities and/or sex life because of stalkers and such, so I don't get very :3c on this account, even though it is a furry space

I'm really into board games and Im a huge fantasy nerd

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Just to show that I belong on, I guess I have to post the skullhead fursona made for me by Bitters_13 over on the birdsite.

Did Celeste's Chapter 1 C-side. Was only 3 screens, but hoo boy, those three screens.

Holy jesus, there's C-sites in Celeste? I just beat all the B sides and got all the strawberries and...uhh...I'm not sure I'm up for the C-sides. The b-sides were hard enough. Haha.

This was a very tough B-side. The last few screens were pretty brutal.

I'm cleaning my room today. Sorry everyone, I'm a lobsterboy cultist now.

Just finished Chapter 3 B-side on Celeste. These B-sides are really tough. Ha.

I also plan on getting Pudding keycaps from the same manufacturer.

But the switches I really want are unfortunately out of stock right now, so I can't order them quite yet.

Kalih Box Navy.

I want that THICC CLICC.

I plan on getting new switches for this to try them. Right now I have Gateron Blues in it.

I'm probably gonna get Kalih Whites and Cherry Clears, just to see what they're like.

Fully assembled. I like the keycaps on this one. Nice texture and the font is distinctive.

It's much smaller than my old keyboard, and I like the Tenkeyless model. I never use the tenkey cluster anyway.

This keyboard has replacable mechanical switches, which is what makes it weird. They're actually hot-swappable.

So I can actually replace the switches with entirely different ones.

I'm actually planning on getting a couple different sets and trying them out.

This picture might make it clearer what's special about this particular keyboard. It's officially the most ridiculous keyboard I've ever bought.

I got myself a late xmas present. Anyone care to guess what it is, before I assemble it?

It's overall a 10/10 game if you like the genre of hardcore platformers. Highly recommended.

I started Celeste because @Fenns was talking about it earlier, and fuck, that's a really god damn good game.

It's probably the best "hardcore 2D platformer" i've ever played, by a lot.

And that's just mechanically. I like the plot about dealing with depression and mental illness.

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