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Just to show that I belong on, I guess I have to post the skullhead fursona made for me by Bitters_13 over on the birdsite.

FF XIV Stuff, Spoilery? Show more

FF XIV Stuff, Spoilery? Show more

FF XIV Stuff, Spoilery? Show more

FF XIV Stuff, Spoilery? Show more

Woah, that Shadowbringers teaser. I am so confused now.

I've been leveling gathering classes in FF XIV and I'm glad there's only 3 because it is a slog.

So did Dancer also get confirmed in FF XIV? Any sign of the rumored Soldier/Gunblader?

This is the most cursed thing I've ever seen in a workplace.

I'm gonna try to remember this one as an Alanis Morisette "Isn't it Ironic?" bit, with getting skin when you wanted meat.


Most jukugo kanji words in Japanese make some kind of sense, but this one is just inscrutable.

Yes, that is the ideogram for skin, followed by the ideogram for meat.

programs are just DLC for your operating system

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Monopoly Board Game, Dick Move Show more

All you need to do is the general fantasy epic pattern of a young man rando ending up blundering into defending his village from a Monster, joining the Hunters Guild, and saving the region from a monster related ecological disaster. And it would be good, if formulaic!

Why bring in dimensional travel and modern military bullshit? It doesn't even make sense for Monster Hunter!

I officially hate the Resident Evil / Monster Hunter movie crew more than I hate Uwe Boll. How can you fuck up Monster Hunter this badly?

Is Fallout 76 much different from Fallout 4? I managed to like miss the entire news cycle.

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