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I'm Madison/Maddy/Makyo, a writer and software developer working at the Internet Archive. I'm also a trans woman, poly, and a big heckoff furry. I'll probably post about all of these.

I often feel feels, so do expect MH-tagged posts.

I'm also pretty free with my body, what sexuality I do have, and kink, so do expect CW'd posts and NSFW-tagged images of such. Recently, I've been recovering from GRS, so you can also expect posts and pictures, all approrpiately CW'd. Cheers!

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local bar has a cocktail called 'lupus dei' and I'm so glad my latin is finally paying off

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Colorado folks! I'll be in the Loveland area from Monday night to Saturday night! We should do a thing ^^

Over now! that was fun, though! She was singing and programming in

Whoa! Live-coding audio performance while singing! That's impressive! (livestream, will be over in a bit)

tv2 0.2.3 released - python2 works again (but you should upgrade soon anyway!)

A badge from the wonderful @[email protected]!

Here in the Church of the Hellbeast, all are welcome under the sharp eye of Lunostophiles, Mother Ulterior.

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Also I have too many content places to post but I did art for my partners for the day!!!! Valentines!!! Ahhhhhhh!!!

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