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I'm Madison/Maddy/Makyo, a writer and software developer working at the Internet Archive. I'm also a trans woman, poly, and a big heckoff furry. I'll probably post about all of these.

I often feel feels, so do expect MH-tagged posts.

I'm also pretty free with my body, what sexuality I do have, and kink, so do expect CW'd posts and NSFW-tagged images of such. Recently, I've been recovering from GRS, so you can also expect posts and pictures, all approrpiately CW'd. Cheers!

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Reminder that I'm on Patreon if you want early access to stuff ^^

I also understand that not everyone's cool with Patreon, so if you want early access and are comfortable with paypal via or through$makyo you can chip in a bit there, and I'll send you links if you let me know it was you :3

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A note on lewd posts (pin) 

tangential uspol 

It's one thing to question your mind; it's another to question your mind; it's another to question your mind; it's another to question your eyes and ears.

Sorry, I said white, I meant the one that looks like raspberry smoothie (made with white wax peppers, just also with sumac and hibiscus)

They're all super mild, but really savory and umami and sour and such. Good stuff.

Fermented hot sauce~

Translucent is the brine, green is jalapeno garlic, white is wax pepper and habanero and hibiscus and sumac.

techbro red flags 

Have you ever wondered just how maudlin one can get while still including a graph breaking down the number of lewd RP sessions per month?


Patrons get a preview -

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