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Happy Father's Day‼️

Boost to punch a Nazi

ACAB, Pride (out of town) Show more

ACAB, Pride (out of town) Show more

Dog and Raccoon in underwear (cw: bulge) Show more

Furry Porn (butt, male genitals) Show more

GM: β€œAs you reach the final cave, you see a giant red-scaled dragon”

Me: *raises hand*

GM sighing β€œHe thinks you’re cute”

Me: *lowers hand*

Old doodles, furryart, underwear, relevant because the Nintendo Direct Show more

I never understood the "part of this complete breakfast" bit from cereal commercials growing up because I was usually fine with JUST cereal. But now I have to also have a banana, a bagel, and a 20 oz steak so I totally get it.

Furry Porn (butt, male genitals) Show more

Turns out pants are illegal now. Just chonky roo legs. Art by dragonpajamas on twitter !

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