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I can't eat bread two to three times a day and think I'm a twink.

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Results: very gay. I've also been asked to give feedback on a developing research topic. Collaborator mutt is me :33

Are moustaches back in now because they are a power dad move if so

Speaking of things that are gay, I'm going to be presenting my music at a Queer Research Day on campus tomorrow and I am pumped as hell

Scene: The world has been taken over by ninjas, and you, The Gay, are the only one who can stop them

I want to play video games.

*plays video games*


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Why does VR exist if you can't use it to pet virtual dogs

Like, a dictionary-preserved word I mean :P

What the hell, I didn't know this was an actual word LMAO

And they're smuggling trésures from the pyramid!

New sweater arrived 👀

I like it a lot because it was super on sale

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Imagine being gay, except, like, way gayer

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