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MFF hotel room available 

canpol (~) 

canpol (~) 

white people love prayer bc it combines meditation and asking to speak to the manager

Big Snackβ„’ doesn't want me to eat the Oxygen Absorbing packet because they're afraid of how powerful I'll become when I'm no longer being weighed down by all this cumbersome oxygen.

(This should be read as cuddling someone while eating burgers, not...cuddling the burgers themselves)

Cuddling :drake_like:
Cuddling with a platter of burgers :drake_like: :drake_like: :drake_like: :drake_like: :drake_like:

Do werewolves accept walk-ins, or do you have to make an appointment to get bitten

I eat my lemons and limes with the crust on

The ideal weredog is

βœ… big
βœ… dumb
βœ… hairy

by tropicalsleet on birdsite!!

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