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I can't eat bread two to three times a day and think I'm a twink.

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Dog fashion: being dumb as hell but looking good

My first Valentine's with Tiggy :333

We're probably just gonna laze about and be gay lol

Just your average, run of the mill talking dog

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How do you unlock Fortnite dances in Tetris 99

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Sup, Snouts. Where's the good gay content at

Who's in Boston.

Cuz like.

Planning a trip there this summer probably

I did a search to see if the movie was available on Blu-ray and apparently you can order "Save Ferris" t-shirts and I want one

That's twice in the past two weeks that the uni has had to close down because of weather. Haven't experienced this before. :O

All the leaves are brown
and the sky is :100_gay:

It amuses me when I hear someone say, "Remind me never to piss you off!" because it implies that someone, somewhere, needs to be reminded not to go around making people angry.

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