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want to help keep the instance running and donate to a community selected charity each month? support us on patreon! :blobheartcat:

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hi snouts! we have an announcement to make regarding our patreon, the current state of the instance, and a great way to get involved as a community. this one's really important to us so please read!

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hello new friends, and welcome to our little corner of mastodon! want to get the most out of your time here? here's some tips!

- read our rules here:
- follow the Snouts Timeline! our community is friendly and fun and we'd love to have you there!
- follow @pupdates for important information!
- invite your friends!
- check out our patreon!
- ask a staff member if you have any questions!

snouts staff is: @masanbol @Ace @Inazuma @tahajin @GlitterDisaster

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Morpheus: Were you listening to me, Neo? Or were you looking at the femboy in the short skirt?

Neo: I was...

Morpheus: [gestures with one hand] Look again.

[the femboy is now a trans girl deer with antlers wearing a t-shirt that says "down with cis." she holds out a hand toward neo with the Communist Manifesto]

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Don't often get to see this: a toaster approaching telophase in its mitotic process, about to pinch off its cell membrane. Nature is truly amazing

just a reminder about posting nsfw art on Mastodon

*please be transparent about what's in the picture and use effective tags. If you're hiding something, it's on you to make sure your audience knows what's in store for them.

*don't repost art without sourcing. Art theft sucks, and stealing from artists -suuuuucks-

*If you feel iffy about whether or not something should be CW'd, always better safe than sorry! A CW isn't going to stop someone who wants to see what you're tagging it with.

also, we're almost through our current crop of mascots! before we run out, i plan to put in a Mascot Auto-Magical Randomizer, but there's a little work on the code to do still before it's ready. stay tuned!

it's Mascot Monday here on again! our latest mascot is by our very own mod @GlitterDisaster! his name is Hudson and he's made for hugs!!

if you wanna pick your own image, you just have to open the script in tampermonkey and change the 'mascotFileURL' value to whatever image URL you want :3

also! this script has a few other tweaks i made, such as expanding the columns to stretch across the full screen, and completely removing the 'filtered' messages for posts that your filters block! that can be disabled by removing line 57 (addGlobalStyle();) if you don't want that

ok a few ppl have expressed interest in how i did this so!

if u wanna do this urself, u gotta have two things:
1) Tampermonkey!
2) This zip file:

add the tampermonkey extension to ur browser, then go to the dashboard, then the utilities tab - once there, you should see a section labeled 'zip' and an import button. import the zip file from that! then enable the script and hard refresh snouts, and the script should run

hey snoutfriends. sorry i haven't been around much or replying to DMs - i alluded to it a little in earlier posts but things have been hard in our world in the last couple weeks. i really appreciate y'alls patience with me

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