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want to help keep the instance running and donate to a community selected charity each month? support us on patreon! :blobheartcat:

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hi snouts! we have an announcement to make regarding our patreon, the current state of the instance, and a great way to get involved as a community. this one's really important to us so please read!

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hello new friends, and welcome to our little corner of mastodon! want to get the most out of your time here? here's some tips!

- read our rules here:
- follow the Snouts Timeline! our community is friendly and fun and we'd love to have you there!
- follow @pupdates for important information!
- invite your friends!
- check out our patreon!
- ask a staff member if you have any questions!

snouts staff is: @masanbol @Ace @Inazuma @tahajin @GlitterDisaster

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to those asking about time zones, please remember: it's always 10PM somewhere

Tch, horny hours. I've never been horny in my entire life. I've never even thought about Cool Dick.

10PM is and will always remain the Snouts Horning Hour

I can’t believe this is a real store, it reads exactly like a shitpost

as i get older, being smart and/or right is not important, but being earnest and kind is

Mascot Monday, or as it's known in Japan, Tuesday

it's ! this week's mascot is by our very own @GlitterDisaster! her name is Crackle and she is hoarding all the boops, please share them omg

I'm sorry I just couldn't wait until tomorrow to post this

featuring @torideer @ShugoWah and @Goronic's mascot pals

instagram glitched out on me while I was writing a "got home safe!!!" story and it created this piece of art

I dont know who made this but it makes me so happy

in case you think i'm obsessed with ffxiv, players over in china are currently doing the "KFC raid" where you eat a stupid amount of food and make yourself sick so you can get a black chocobo mount

they're also shitposting about it and it's amazing

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