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hello new snouts! want to get the best out of mastodon? here's some tips!

- read our rules here:
- follow the Local Timeline! that's where the magic happens around here! our community is tight-knit and fun and we'd love to have you there!
- follow @pupdates for important information!
- invite your friends!
- ask one of your admins or mods if you have any questions!

ADMINS: @masanbol @Hulex
MODS: @Inazuma @tahajin

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my legs are sore so im gonna cuddle poss and play dream team :blobsleepy:

if Mr. Rogers was still alive he wouldnt let this be like it be

It's finally here! v1.0 of Toot! has been officially released on the app store!

For those who have not been in on the beta test already, this is an Mastodon client for iOS, full of character and whimsy. It is multi-instance, multi-account, it is fast, it is comfortable and it is above all a lot of fun!

It has a strong focus on user experience, animation, and attention to detail, as well as being the best client for Mastodon around. Try it now!

Yes hello, would you like to buy some fucking uhhh money? It'll only cost you a lot of your money.

got hired by Sega to do the ad campaign for the re-release of the Dreamcast

A Snouts.Online moderator deserves a Snouts.Online welcome and a proper emoji to show how adorable they are. <3

Make sure not to give @GlitterDisaster too much trouble. Rumor has it that she can extend her neck straight into your window and headbutt you!

Chromium trying to tell me this is a spelling mistake makes it look like it's blushing:

it's ten pm on snouts online which means its time for me to look up socialist anthems on youtube and remain Pure

update: we watched Point Break (thanks @Rewhan!) and it was exactly the right mix of silly and fun that we needed

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for the protection of the users on and their data, we have suspended and will suspend any related instance on their network. let me know if y'all have any questions or concerns on this!

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snouts dot online is a friendly, furry-oriented, lgbtq+, generally leftist, 18+ sex-positive community that runs on mastodon, the open-source social network technology. you don't need a snout to join, but it's recommended!

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