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hi snouts! we have an announcement to make regarding our patreon, the current state of the instance, and a great way to get involved as a community. this one's really important to us so please read!

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hello new friends, and welcome to our little corner of mastodon! want to get the most out of your time here? here's some tips!

- read our rules here:
- follow the Snouts Timeline! our community is friendly and fun and we'd love to have you there!
- follow @pupdates for important information!
- invite your friends!
- check out our patreon!
- ask a staff member if you have any questions!

snouts staff is: @masanbol @Ace @Inazuma @tahajin @GlitterDisaster

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ED can be boring but listening to some weird synthwave while scooting around the galaxy is very relaxing

hmm should i play elite dangerous again after i finish kh3

iOS keeps trying to correct “ilu” to “ily” which I’m pretty sure is an acronym exclusively used by cops

air bud: i think dogs should be able to vote

quick for folks on the wasabi situation - after looking at a bunch of options we will probably go with AWS S3. not my first choice but should still be relatively cheap and far more stable

still testing stuff out and copying out our existing data but looking to make the switch later this week. thanks for your patience through all this :pokebean:

after the whole weezer take on me thing i'm reminded of an interview rivers cuomo gave years ago where he described his writing process as being completely mercenary and focused entirely on assembling the perfect radio song

it kind of feels like he's given that up and is reduced to doing covers of other people's perfect radio songs

inside you are two wolves

🐺wolf1 wolf2🐺

we may need to operate

micro trans actions
:scream: :anartrans_symbol: 🖤

or as i like to call it

the toot economy
⭐ 💨 💸

good evening, today i am thinking about how silly "American Megatrends" is as a name for a technology company

Blowin on that endo
GameCube Nintendo
Please reply to this if
You want to be my friendo

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