hey all! just want to put something out there for everyone since our corner of the fediverse is growing pretty rapidly. please boost this if you're comfortable with that!

it's very important to us that there never be one single instance on mastodon that's considered a place where all the Cool Furries hang out. snouts is just one of many instances run by a lot of amazing people. clout chasing and popularity contests are a thing we'd like to leave behind us on twitter.

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so we would ask everyone, please be wlecoming, inclusive, and friendly no matter what tag their instance says - yiff.life, meow.social, awoo.space and dozens more are all great communities, and collectively we're all better together because of the federated model. it keeps us honest and prevents many problems that come from monolithic platforms with obscure moderation and corporate governance.

thanks for listening! we love you!

@masanbol I dunno how this place got so popular over the couple months since I joined?? It's bigger than yiff.life now, what is

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