y'all really putting the squeeze on me to defend state capitalism against the gamers god dammit

never forget bush did 9/11 and hong kong protestors are funded by the burgoeise afraid china is going to take their slaves, the cia, and fascists, so even if you dont like the chinese government, which, fair enough, maybe consider pretty much everything is fash horseshit before getting too wrapped up in a particular side

hot take version: there's a lot of great reasons to boycott blizzard but im not too gung ho on cancelling them for telling someone to not use their platform to regurgitate cia propaganda :blobcatsip:

@anna I don't even use Bilzzard and I know next to nothing about Hong Kong but this sounds right to me. If #FreeHongKong means a socialist revolution in Hong Kong today, great. If it means to stop China because British Capitalism is better, um...

@tesseract @anna
Insurrection for its own sake. Freedom is a verb, not a noun.

@MrSaturday @tesseract i mean if you want to go all discordian about it, sure, you obviously do, lol, but its also the kind of "chaos" that the us tends to use to bolster their global hegemony so, tread carefully

@anna @tesseract

Either way it bolsters capitalist hegemony. Why not root for the underdog? Either side with the authoritarian demicapitalist hellhole or the more liberal capitalist... Not as much of a hellhole.

Decisions decisions.

@MrSaturday @anna USA propaganda always makes the side they prefer to look like the underdog. They're very good at this. Saddam Hussein was the underdog, until he wasn't. Muammar Gaddafi was the dictator, then the underdog, then the dictator again, except his actual position never changed. Osama bin Laden was the plucky freedom fighter underdog, until he wasn't...


@tesseract @MrSaturday @anna i believe the reason for this is that in the US, all international relations are viewed through the lens of "good, but less powerful than us" or "evil, and less powerful than us"

@tesseract @MrSaturday @anna since the end of the cold war there is no space in the US psyche for a country or group more powerful than it, so all allies are scrappy underdogs and all enemies are insidious terrorists or "rogue states"

@masanbol @tesseract @anna Luckily enough I have insulated myself from the American psyche besides this device! What those fuckasses think is irrelevant.

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