it's Mascot Monday here on again! our latest mascot is by our very own mod @GlitterDisaster! his name is Hudson and he's made for hugs!!

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it's Mascot Monday on, and our mascot this time is an adorable snorlax friend by @SpaceyTwinkles!! thank you for supporting us!!!

okay but if it’s public wifi wouldn’t it be the WAN before time?

this is an actual picture of new nintendo north america president Doug Bowser with a tied up mario and luigi in his office. this is real

it's a belated Mascot Monday! sorry about the delay!!

Booper returns as this week's mascot, with a twist! art by @SHSunny!!!

it's Mascot Monday! this week's mascot is by @Goronic and they have the rare booper and mlemmer combo, truly inspiring!!

hey, it's Mascot Monday on snouts online! our latest mascot is a cute friend by @Factualvermin! refresh your page to see them!

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