it's a belated Mascot Monday! sorry about the delay!!

Booper returns as this week's mascot, with a twist! art by @SHSunny!!!

it's Mascot Monday! this week's mascot is by @Goronic and they have the rare booper and mlemmer combo, truly inspiring!!

hey, it's Mascot Monday on snouts online! our latest mascot is a cute friend by @Factualvermin! refresh your page to see them!

hi everyone! it's mascot monday, so it's time for a new mascot! this week's mascot is a cute wintry friend from @violetmagician!

new mascot (her name is Scarlet, she was made by @Pyradox!) will be posted on new years

new year new snout!!! mascot update! refresh your page to see our latest friend, courtesy of @ShugoWah!

please look at all these excellent snout mascots by @torideer @ShugoWah and @Pyradox!!!

we're gonna rotate through as many as y'all make, probably every two weeks or so?

so if you use toot! on mobile and want to replicate the Snouts Posting Experience you can set your custom theme color to

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