@sky this image is proof that capitalism is fake because tops aren't real

Pissing off people on all sides of the political spectrum by insisting that Vladimir Lenin was in the Beatles and refusing to change my mind

@robin and i had a really wonderful night. 11 years is a long time to spend with someone and it says a lot about them that i can’t imagine spending the next 11 with anyone else

St. Augustine adopted Christianity after realizing that he couldn't be a twink past the age of 30

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@mawr yeah it limits instance description to a single line of text on the front page too, extremely annoying

@mawr hmm i wonder if it's <ul> or <li> tags for bulleted lists, they aren't supposed to be closed

@mawr bizarre. i haven't moved us to 2.8 yet because of the frontpage changes but i planned to this weekend, it seems like there's a few bugs like this that crept in this time

@mawr wait, did garg restrict what kinds of html can be used there? is there any documentation for the changes to that field?

anniversary crew who still up after 11 years and in love and going to get this phenomenal mealtime cc @masanbol

hey today is me and @robin's 11th anniversary! i love them a heck of a whole lot!! we are going to eat some nice food!!!

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