@m_m_myers @Kye yep that was basically it, although that's not the reason why profiles don't load completely. that's just a federation thing, it means every instance doesn't have to keep a full copy of every profile of every account on the fediverse, only the posts/accounts that get interacted with are downloaded. it's a tradeoff but it saves bandwidth and storage for everybody

sandman lyrics joke, (unfair) intergenerational loathing, jobs (i know i know this is a bad one) Show more

@Nowak okay, give it a try now!

(also feel free to tag me if you see stuff like this!)

@Ace @Glittertooth lol i dont think this would look very good that small

@Galuade for a bit it was up to 40, haha. filling a roster with individuals capable of performing the task was always the hardest part, especially during slow periods. also dont forget managing a compensation system - wow raid/guild leaders were website admins, frontline managers, and human resources all in one

@Galuade i straight up learned to be a manager from 8+ years of wow raid leadership

mr sandman
i hate sand
it’s rough and course
and it gets everywhere

okay @brushy and i need your help. does anyone remember the vine where a dude in a fursuit gets hit by a bunch of falling pineapples while the pina colada song plays

we've been trying to locate this since vine died and it needs to be shared

y'all dream of having a boyfriend as charming, as confident, and as dashing as Jose fucking Carioca

look at this motherfucker, gettin plastered with his date on caipirinhas without a care in the world.

this parrot manages to charm the pants off donald duck, the least amenable living thing in the western hemispere.

Jose is cool, confident and collected. he's the best bisexual representation the world has ever had

just look at the confidence with which he wields his conspicuously phallic accessories

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