I saw this several years ago and honestly it makes more sense than most mainstream economics

being thrown into a pit of chill dogs with all their needs met

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apparently I missed boosting this on yiff.life's birthday! happy birthday, yiff.life!

fedichive, don't marry, the most fucking wack conspiracy theory that just floated into my head 

@zoe @noelle extremely bold of someone to run this stupid thing out of their fucking basement behind no intermediary lmfao

@noelle @zoe couple things i found - they appear to be using cloudflare so that IP is probably in a cloudflare block and will change: fedichive.tk/@fedichive/102627

also i can confirm that they do use their domain in their useragent string so blocking via useragent in cloudflare or nginx will prevent their caching

Fediverse surveillance instance: Fedichive 

@Umby @noelle @Ace yep, we have blocked them at the firewall level - thanks for the report

Is that not quite your style? Do you prefer to express your masculinity by having absolutely no personality whatsoever?

Never fear, the VENTURE CAPITAL TOOT icon is here to save you!

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