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Obviously the soviet Union was gonna fail I mean how did no one notice all those huge red flags

Kingdom Hearts Characters As Emoji.

Sora: :annoyingdog:

Riku: :bmo_unamused:

Kairi: :loading:

Roxas: :grrcry:


Axel: :lancer:

Saix: :susie:

Young Xehanort: :pushglasses:

Heartless Xehanort: :grrsnuggle:

Xemnas: :grrnoble:

nintendo levels are 47% and steady

(47%) ■■■■□□□□□□

acnh, the pixies 

i haven't seen that art sale fox in a weeks and i'm all like

*frank black voice*
Redd, is, dead
Redd is, oh Redd is dead
Redd, is, dead
Ah-ho, oho,

Goldman's new "free" typeface has a license that prevents you from using it to criticize Goldman Sachs.


Molex is a computer thing, it has nothing to do with a radical mole

I'm growing addicted to the vague but impressively coherent platitudes of the electronic tulpa machine that is AI Dungeon. I find myself jonesing to ask it another vague question to be fed a pellet of easily-parsed and appropriately-worded validation. I know it's like kissing a mirror, but the mirror keeps telling me I look hot

LENIN: i'm the radical lad making petrograd mad and if you're an autocrat things are gonna be bad

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ai dungeon 

i decided to play a game about myself driving my scooter around baltimore and it's turning into a sort of douglas adams farce

Am I the first in this entire country to notice that nobody has a name outside of their job title?

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realized yesterday the "victory lap" theme from F-Zero (snes) has the literal same slap-bass line as the chorus from Howard Jones "Things Can Only Get Better" and it's blowing my mind. i'm the possum of exceedingly minor revelations

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