We are our better selves for being weird folk, many of us. And I'm getting to a point in my life where I'm more comfortable with embracing that.

I'm going to be frank.

I'm glad all my friends are weird, in ways both like and unlike myself.

Being around someone who exalts in normality/conformity and thinks evening news is the pinnacle of discussion topics bores me to tears, and actually concerns me a bit.

Hotel coffee is like one level above sludge coffee from work.

And it's a thin thin thin level. Hoping to get some good coffee opportunities this trip at least once or twice.

Early morning on the day off, waiting for coffee shops to open. Getting up early is something I should do more often.

Well, this is unexpected.

My job has put me in a situation where I need to compile a Linux kernel.

Haven't gotten to stretch these legs in a while.

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The hunt for a ref sheet continues! Someday I will reach beyond my casual furry status.

Satisfying: Resisting a series of events that would potentially make today a rough day, and maintaining the day's balance despite them.

The thing about Tumblr is that I literally only ever used it for viewing art, which was largely adult or nsfw. By removing that aspect, they've removed the one thing I used it for.

It's up to them, I guess. I wasn't a big fan of the format anyways.

Tumblr abandonment complete. Gonna need to get some alternatives to satisfy the bara-ish itch.

I voted. Y'all should make sure to as well.

After what feels like ages struggling with my server, Nextcloud is up and running. Yet another step in getting myself self-hosted and decentralized.

I see a lot of folks leveraging microblogging and other "status" based platforms as a sort of positivity journal, and I'm curious if it works. Specifically when used to document creative pursuits, but also generally.

New account get! Interesting exploring this instance. Howdy folks!

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