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anyway you should follow me on twitch if you want, i'm gonna try and stream at least once a week going forward, usually friday nights

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They say X is gon' give it to ya so by extension you should come and get it.

Welcome to my ted talk, where we discuss the parallels between DMX and Limp Bizkit wait where are you all going

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What's up everybody its ya boy Alex AKA Mico AKA the ORIGINAL Yiffmeister.

I'm 31, extremely gay and in love with @zac

I'm a huge nerd, I do database development work for money, and I attend NJIT at night.

Very into "funposting" which is a fun way to say shitposting. Also very into music if you get me started talkin bout music we'll be going for hours.

I do Let's Plays @

I also do a Podcast sometimes kind of occasionally at

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I am the software installation wizard, I'm here to guide you through the software installation process

apparently its some VFW limitation but if you encode it with megui it does create the audio you just cant preview it

a cursory google search says something about how theres an integer overflow for audiolength if you hit over 12 hours and uhhh yeah

I have so much cabaret club footage that avisynth refuses to play the audio track if i put it all together in one file so i need to render it in chunks and put it back together later

oh god im almost done with cabaret club czar

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In the past two weeks I have
1. had such a major car breakdown that my engine is being completely replaced
2. had such a bad work emergency that i've had to be on several hour-long calls sometimes until 4 AM repeatedly since friday

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i really hope my car is done being fixed tomorrow

where's that video where it was the xenoblade chronicles title screen but as the sky behind the monado cycled from day to night reggie fils aime's face slowly rose up behind the landscape

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this is an actual picture of new nintendo north america president Doug Bowser with a tied up mario and luigi in his office. this is real

i literally forgot that this even existed

nobody wants to use steam to watch videos

why would you want to use steam to watch videos

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I don't have a drinking problem
Don't have a drinking solution

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Hey y'all! In case you weren't aware, I work on a podcast with my friends called Toontown Public Works, and we just did the finishing touches on a revamp of our tiers, including a new reward! We'd appreciate it if you could chip in. All the money goes to our extremely talented editors. Check it out! Boosts are appreciated.

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