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Been toying with the idea for a while but I set up a sponsus to serve as a tip jar

If you like my youtube videos, maybe consider throwing $2/mo at me?

I can't give you anything in return other than thanks, but know that its completely optional

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What's up everybody its ya boy Alex AKA Mico AKA the ORIGINAL Yiffmeister.

I'm 31, extremely gay and in love with @zac

I'm a huge nerd, I do database development work for money, and I attend NJIT at night.

Very into "funposting" which is a fun way to say shitposting. Also very into music if you get me started talkin bout music we'll be going for hours.

I do Let's Plays @

I also do a Podcast sometimes kind of occasionally at

selfie, ec 

I mean the good news is that as of yesterday it is now state-mandated that I wear a furry trash bandana over my face in public

just thought you all should know someone just called me the king of pizza crimes on twitter sorry it's official now

in doing this i also agitated the fuck out of my allergies and needed like 3 claritins

literally tore apart my bedroom tryna find my old bandanimals bandana from like 2015

it would be useful, in society, i think, to have this

trying to install marklogic so i can have a sandbox to work on in my new team and oh my god i dont understand why this has to be so hard

finally got the abel sisters shop building (should be ready tomorrow) and the campground

im very excited to share the piss supreme hat with all of u

do you know what a fursona is, brendan

I really hope that school gets cancelled tomorrow im so over this semester?

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