Dare I drink coffee for the first time in several days

Dare I do so at 7:35 PM

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Drugs, but in context of ADHD 

I don't have adderall right now so caffeine is the only thing I can fall back on, and that's hardly a solution because its efficacy-to-side-effects ratio is fucked

Remembering seeing someone talk about how an equivalent dose of methamphetamine is actually safer than adderall for the same effect (with ADHD at least) and...

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re: Drugs, but in context of ADHD 

@mio oh wow

re: Drugs, but in context of ADHD 

@BoxSystem like I haven't looked for the studies myself but allegedly there are DOZENS basically saying "yeah meth is less neurotoxic in the same effect range" and now I'm wondering if desoxyn is cheaper than adderall prescription-wise

re: Drugs, but in context of ADHD 

@mio *casually scratches out the word "adderall" on her wishlist and pencils in "meth (unironically)"*

re: Drugs, but in context of ADHD 


What the fuck

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