Had the urge to draw Rose after working on other stuff, so I did. :3 NSFW but just for nudity~

Very mildly NSFW commission for someone on Twitter~

It took way too damn long when it could've taken like, a day, but then again doesn't everything I do? T_T

Majestic~ 😸

(Photo by my partner, cat by my boyfriend, color/focus adjustment by me) (Quite a group effort)

Oh yeah, this too I suppose. ;]

Entanglement [Chapter 1, page 1]

(Note: the URL doesn't work yet but it will when I get time to set up a WP install :thonk: )

Another NSFW piece, featuring my squishy bunnybot ass and a large degree of cheek besides.

NSFW Patreon stuff I haven't posted until now! It's @korki! And he's sitting on a cliff! And he's mostly nude! And..........quite happy to see you :eyes_fast: 💦

A cute kitty or a vessel of malevolence and violence? Trick question, they are one and the same

Yes, this WAS taken inside the Matrix

NSFW furry art, skounk, sticky 

Schitt's Creek screengrab, unexpected fursona synchronicity 

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