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i am just a simple skunk & all i want is the world

This fedi race problem is starting to become...a very real problem

And its manifesting in so so many different ways that i have observed over the yrs and what has changed?


Andi can be snark and point out bad actors or ppl perpetuating bad behavior but bc antiblackness it will serve no one, least of all me or the other BW any good.

Bc no one rides for us but us

You see where morally/politically/socially we’re at in this space?

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I think it’s cynical to talk about ‘oh im so happy that such and such space exist for POC/BP, you should go there”

Bc what does that say about the work you’re doing within your own space. Again, this kind of well intended commentary has been on here for ages its not new

I think im just finally fed up enough to be vocal abt what it means when we tokenize user experience to a point where we lose all nuance that we thought we had in the first place.

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Been so fucking sleepy all day T_T I just wanna draw & it's been a struggle to even stay upright

need someone to hold me & brush my tail 🦨

fluffy butt fluffy butt fluffy butt (shakes his ass)

can you help me out? im a skunk, im very bisexual, im new in town, id like a few dollars

Gotta do some things today, like sketch comms and patreon doodles and and and

Food shitpost 

I have seams, but they're fraying, and I'm praying, to no avail

This tisane combo is a cognitohazard for me, oops. 🙃🌹🍓🌹🍓🌹

Left: Liquid Synchro; right: normal non-liquid Synchronia

(NSFW, nudity)

I still love this old sketch of Rose and I think I wanna throw on some ink & color soon

i kinda want to do a thread on hakka walled villages cause They're The Shit but whenever i try to sequence more than four words together my brain starts turning to sludge so just go look them up and then pretend i told you about them ok, they're really fucking cool

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