HI :trans:
I'm new here at Mastodon (well, I tried using it last year), and I really want to get the hang of it better this time.
And for those who want to know, I'm an illustrator (...furry artist), and I love sci-fi, dnd and kaiju ! :wow:

last night i thought to myself "hey, i would look damn good in a skirt and cute top" and, well, turns out i was right!!! thank you to frogbiansVEVO on twitter for accommodating my sudden rush of curiosity, my boy kendan has gotten himself a new outfit and he looks SO GOOD 💙💙💙

my 2 mastodon moods:
- hey im TOTALLY funny y'all
- hey im in the mood to be fuckin H U G E

on today's episode of Mono At The RMV, Show more

me when i catch y'all smoking marijuana and using the swear language on my timeline

is carseat headrest a real band or is it just a meme you all made up

yep I'm back with a brand new track
my Twitter pal conal helped me come up with ideas for a tennis outfit for mono,
✨so i drew it✨ snouts.online/media/WwgY8J20ha

hey did you know SMH actually stands for

or Haunches, whatever you prefer

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my fursona's big gay ass, my art Show more

my name is moxie moxie, and i'm abstinence until i :hacker_d: :hacker_i: :hacker_e:

A friend if mine surprised me with giftart yesterday and I'm still not over it ;w;

(Link to her post in twitter: twitter.com/royalmylk/status/1 )

at this point in my Online Life i read "home resonance" together in the same way that i read "sans undertale"

Heck I forgot to post this on the day that I made this doodle but I made a trans+ variant of it :trans:

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