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my art tends to be all over the place but a lot of it focuses on monsters, grotesque bodies, body horror, synthetic/abstract creatures, general horror, gore-adjacent, unsettling textures, and sometimes kink-adjacent stuff. usually nothing explicit or raunchy but stuff that might not be for everyone. will CW what we think needs it but might miss some less obvious stuff

trying to draw them from the front and also realizing they're a big staple-remover

Thinking about a small sloth on a bee.
Where are they going?

*shifts position slightly and like 6 different loud crunching bone rearranging sounds happen from hip sockets and tailbone*


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To everyone who has filled out the survey so far: thank you, this means so dang much to me. I’ve gotten *50* responses! I could always stand to have more so please spread this!

I wanna make sure I make the best dang queer cafe over here in Boston~

mmmmmmmm been a long time since commissioning anything and saw someone doing really cute icons for $10 a few days ago and am still thinking about it.... the style is perfect for a certain sona which i'm not feeling very strongly rn BUT it'd be prefect for them and i know i'll appreciate having it later

just have to wait on an invoice to go through before messaging them to see if they're still open

It makes me happy to see people prioritizing their comfort and shedding the age old Baby Boomer lie that carving out a restorative space for yourself is somehow '''selfish'''.

That's right, y'all. Be Gay, Do Crimes, Get Comf!

*wraps tendrils together in a pile and rests heads on them* good night

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You crack open a peanut
Instead of a salty treat
You find sloth

got called out for talking to the coffee machine lads

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honestly never thought we'd be in a living arrangement with 6 people we feel good and genuine saying 'i love you' to. good to have a family for once

forget about the fact we got a septum piercing months ago still sometimes and it's nice and grounding noticing the feeling of it being there

want to get more piercings when able, mostly subdermals but realizing i'd be treading a slippery slope to looking like some kind of nu metal dipshit which would be the Worst Outcome

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