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So it's time to do an post for my new account.

I'm Enigma, a mage with powers over the minds of others. In addition, as a planeswalker, I can travel the multiverse. I use these talents in academic research and as a freelance investigator.

In real life, I work as a system administrator. I love playing games of all forms, especially MTG. I also stream and produce videos/articles regularly on my blog (check my bio).

And now, here's a SFW collection of art I've commissioned.

And, naturally, I have devised another card to go with this stunning piece. I've also included the image for the original homunculus in case you need a reminder on what Bond, my own custom keyword, does.

Art done by Kraest on FA for both images.

Thanks again to Kraest on FA for depicting another one of the types of symbiotic homunculi that Companion, and thus Enigma through him, can produce.

This one created with the sole purpose of protection.

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I do believe dragons are real, however I don't believe heterosexual dragons exist

Does anyone else remember the time there was a Yu-Gi-Oh game where Yami Yugi was Henry Tudor VII and Seto Kaiba was Christian Rosenkreuz?

And you had to choose to aid one of them in a card game version of the War of the Roses.

I think a lot about how my taste in games was informed by the fact that my friends would often rent stuff at Blockbuster and we'd play it at my house because I was the only one with a memory card.

I don't miss Blockbuster specifically, but I like that we're starting to get to a place where people can try, or even beat games with a small subscription fee, to encourage people to try stuff they otherwise wouldn't.

remember all those games yoko taro made that aren't nier:automata, like the one where a pedophile gets eaten by babies or the one where there's a 5-minute cutscene of a dragon pooping and also an anime girl runs an orphanage but then she has to kill all the children she cares for by hand and literally 95% of the dialogue is nonstop dick jokes

This announcement was from over a week ago, but honestly I do hope Field of the Dead gets banned. I don't think the deck is too powerful, but I don't think it's fun.

as an online liberal journalist holding me accountable for my opinions is violence

Just because the stream is over doesn't mean the fun has to be. Last week, I ran a Bant Lands deck in Arena. Come and see how well in fared.

And the YouTube link:

Fire Emblem Three Houses, Shitposting 

When you wish upon a flame, you get this really cool, fun, and powerful deck in Magic Arena.

Join me and see Jeskai Wishing Flames in action!

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Just because the stream is over doesn't mean the fun has to be. Last week, Chris and I did the Curse of the Vampire DLC for Ultimate Alliance 3 and talked a bit about both it and the directions they could go for future DLC.

And the YouTube link:

thinkin bout how my dad was an AOL moderator and he banned tom clancy for being a creep

i'm gonna make him play hypnospace outlaw

Join @Atary77 and I for a big Halloween frighten with The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan.

It's spoopy/spooky.

Last night, my playgroup decided to change things up by removing all budgetary limits, but instead restricting access to tutors.

Find out how we fared, and what lessons we learned in the process in this week's Commander Night Playback.

Had some decent luck doing a bit of target practice today.

(Second shot was taken from the location I was firing from.)

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