Hell yes! I'm so glad to hear that Oathbreaker is making a big enough splash for EDHREC to make a section for it!


@newdarkcloud I'm conflicted, part of why I liked Oathbreaker was because it didn't have a lot of competitive theory crafting compared to Commander.

Then again, places to look for interesting combos and helpful synergies.



I think it's overall a positive. It's a sign that the format is growing in popularity, which means more people will start to play it.

And more players means that the format will be likely to stay in the long term.

I understand what you mean about the lack of theory crafting, but with the speed of information flow and the way our world works, this seemed inevitable.

I look forward to thinking up and sharing cool OOTB combos that aren't as disgusting as new Narset and Windfall.

@newdarkcloud I know I'm feeling guilty with Huatli, Sun's Heart and Tower Defense.

In my (non-tower) defense, it was the planeswalker I was given and challenged to build a deck around. I can't help it if I have a bunch of really cheap 0/X g/w creatures laying around.

@mycroft That seems like a really fun combo. And a lot more inventive than some of the ones I've come up with.

It makes me excited to see what else people come up with.

@newdarkcloud Yeah, I was lucky to already have Tower Defense, otherwise I was originally going to go with Bar the Door for a bit less efficiency.

It at least does have a weakness against token decks that can chump block infinitely, and it's a bit too aggro to include cards that give multiple creatures trample.

Few 0/6 creatures have trample, and a lot have defender.

Guardians of Meletis, a 6/6 blocker for 3 colorless? Hm, pass, doesn't go well with my super aggro strategy...

@mycroft What was your win com for the deck? And what kind of creatures did you use to capitalize on Huatli's text?

Most high toughness, cheap creatures I know are in blue

@newdarkcloud overwhelm with cheap green and white creatures, mostly, some flyers, not sure if I put in lifegain to stabilize or just count on Huatli after a pump

As with most of my builds, my self imposed restrictions are using cards I already have or can get for super cheap if I really like the deck.

@mycroft I have to say that I really appreciate your ingenuity when it comes to budget deck building. Especially as someone who spends... more than they should on Commander decks.

@newdarkcloud Eeee, this makes me so happy to have a compliment like this! I try, and sometimes constriction can lead to innovation, but other times I'm still lost. I'm still slowly learning the ins and outs of strategies and how to evaluate cards effectively.

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