What are people's thoughts on proxying cards that you just can't afford? Like something from the reserve list?

@ajanionthespot I'm all for it, but preferably within a meta where anyone is free to do the same. One or two cards, if they're not part of an infinite or instant-win combo, get a yes-of-course-go-ahead from me.

Net-decking a whole US$10,000 deck, though, I'd kinda want to know what you're going for so I can fantasy-brew a US$10,000 deck to go with it.

@ajanionthespot And of course everything in between on a case-by-case basis.

I proxy cards with my kitchen table playgroup, with the intent if I really like the deck I'll pursue getting the cards eventually, but don't want to invest if it turns out to be a dud.

(I proxied some cards to make a Yisan, Wandering Bard deck, and oh gosh that's more shuffling than I really ever want)


@mycroft @ajanionthespot

I literally pirate MTG all of the time by playing on Cockatrice, so I'm naturally in favor of proxying whatever cards you want.

As much as I love MTG, I really hate how prohibitively expensive it can get.

@newdarkcloud @ajanionthespot The only caveat I can provide for that is that if a card is really expensive on the secondary market, it might have a very high power level within a certain complexity, and limiting to budget cards is a way to limit power and complexity levels within a playgroup.

If there's people in your playgroup can and will drop mad money on cardboard, though, that flies out the window.

@mycroft @ajanionthespot Ironically, this became a big problem with my playgroups Cockatrice matches, so we decided to impose a "budget" of $300 on our Cockatrice commander decks.

@newdarkcloud @ajanionthespot Of course, it all comes down to communication within your playgroup and whatever y'all think is most fun.

"We haven’t changed the underlying philosophy of Commander: it’s specifically intended to be something other than a tournament format in which players consider each other’s experiences alongside their own."
(from today's ban announcement mtgcommander.net/Forum/viewtop )

@mycroft @ajanionthespot Yeah. And from my games in Anthrocon, that social element is part of what makes the format as enduring as it is.

It felt so good to play paper for once.

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