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i hope you're ready for all my hot new frasier headcanons/modifications/general ramblings, because they're going to live in this thread.

mental illness (musing) (suicide mention- distant past) 

one of the things that's going on rn is we're supposed to only give out the orange med error sheets if it's a big or persistent error but i dont have a strong sense of what medications are the "big important ones" yet so it's like :/

but also this is anti-toad propaganda and i for one WILL NOT stand for it

i had some friends over for sukkot and we were talking about the terrible mobile mario kart game and my friend wa slike "i got toad. i dont fucken want toad. nobody wants toad." and my other friend was like "some people probably want toad, but they're straight." and i screamed lmfao she came for their lives

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the real trolley problem is why we don't have more trolleys instead of cars on our streets amirite comrades

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Please Boost! Does anybody have a temporary room (closet, bit of floor, rafter to hang from) available in or near Pittsburgh, PA where two disabled queers can job hunt? Can keep house, cook, and pay up to $300. Extra big special bonus if you like babies, but otherwise we have care arranged with my family until we get our own place.

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@Sapphicgiraffic giraffe (gay giraffe (gay giraffe (gay giraffe (gay giraffe (gay gi

tfw u forgot to order them and u dont have any money anyway so instead of a "proper" lulav and etrog u have a lemon and some plants from.the right families that u scavenged from the campus arboretum

the dinner went well!!!!! i dont have any photos bc i am a monster lmao

money (-), fun weird coping mechanisms 

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Monotony is the enemy of learning.


Pablo A. Celnik, M.D., professor of physical medicine and rehabilitation at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine:

“What we found is if you practice a slightly modified version of a task you want to master, you actually learn more and faster than if you just keep practicing the exact same thing multiple times in a row,”

If a repetitive exercise bores you,
most likely you're not learning.

Change it up each time.
A little bit of chaos is good for the soul.
And apparently, also good for learning new things thoroughly.


i think a big part of tarot for me will be figuring out how to formulate questions or prompts that are useful for me specifically.

i've just done a vibe check w/one of my decks tho (which i imagine is the same thing as a daily single card reading) and it called my anxiety just straight the fuck out tho so that seems like a good place to start and as i get more comfortable w/the decks i have i'll hopefully be able to move along

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crunch time is daily progress update time

(magical invisi-monitor because i didn't think the composition through, whoops)

#inktober2019 #art #mastoart

finally remembered to take some pics of my sukkah in the daylight lmfao. karl helped me rearrange my schach for as much coverage with as few gaps as possible and he also hung up some of the fruit the neighbors brought us :)!!!

doing as much prep as possible tonight so that the only thing i need to do tomorrow is throw stuff in the oven an hour before dinner :googlemuscleL:

does making memes help me understand the class content or do i only make memes of class content that i understand

they live up the street, more by the school, and we saw a chanukiah in their window last year and we say hi when we pass them on walks if they're in their garden but we've not been formally acquainted otherwise and anyway i'm just really. moved. im. i'm love, y'all. i'm love.

i came home from band practice and someone had leaned 2 HUGE palm fronds against my sukkah??? so i put those up and i came inside and theres pomegranates etc on the couch for me. i assumed mom's BF had left them bc he's Like That and it turns out we have jewish neighbors!!!!! they saw my sukkah and wanted to help and i missed them!!!! but i'm feeling real omg

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