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I was at dinner with my cousins and they told me to stop talking about furries

Like I can't stop talking about them today, pls help

do you like snouts? do you like...how they're online?

as we find ourselves with more users, we're gonna need to scale our hosting equipment to accommodate them! please consider chipping in to our patreon, every dollar truly does help!

also, if we end up with leftover funds (like this month), you can tell us which charity to donate those funds to in a monthly poll! Trans Lifeline is in the lead for November!

please consider supporting us and user-selected charities at: patreon.com/posts/23234474

a reminder, in the wake of the Sonic reveal, that Mario Odyssey literally puts three distinctly different species of "human" in the same shot and it's still less horrifying than the mere silhouette of Swole Sonic

To clarify, my friends joke that I'm 12 because I'm the young bab of that group of friends. (They're also all on Mastodon, hence the joke)

But yeah, I'm 22 and a big boye

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