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List of evidence that I am a dog IRL:

-Immediately perks up at strange noises
-Tilts head when confused
-Doesn't like vacuum cleaners
-Tempted to put head out window while driving, and actually did briefly once

More evidence to be added as I uncover it

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Woof. WOOF? Aruff roof! Woof-woof arf woof warroof Mêlée Island™! A-roof wuf: LeChuck! Grrrrrrr! Wuf "LeChuck"? Worf woof woof ruff-ruff wor-roof wuf? Ruff arf-arf, bow-ruff Governer Marley! A-OOOOOO! A-OOOOOOO! (ruff ruff ruff) Bow-roo wuf worrf--Arroooff--LeChuck! GRRRRRRRRR! Arf, oof-oof, Monkey Island™! *sniff sniff*

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Look! @roxy is making a game! Her talent has completely astounded me since BEFORE I started dating her, and she's making AMAZING progress lately.

Lance is real. Let's help make the rest of his world real!

RTs appreciated!

I've always wondered:

What happens when you put your minecraft bed next to someone else's but a Creeper comes along and blows it up?

BARK BARK BARK went the doggy
ARF ARF ARF went the pup 🎶

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are we human
or are we pupy?
my sign is *tail wag*
my pawbs have clawbs
and i'm ooon
looking for the chew toy
are we human
or are we pupy

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diminutive forms of animal names are the best



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Old paper: Preeeow
New paper: Heunh heownh heunh heownh vvvvvt eangt clonk-a-donk

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My deepest desire in life is for artists to get paid for their work.


*bleps repeatedly*

Fun fact for Cadence of Hyrule: if rhythm games aren't your thing, you can activate something called "Fixed-Beat Mode" which removes the rhythm constraints on your movement, giving you time to fully plan and explore.

Cadence of Hyrule: In Which You Get An Achievement For Releasing A Bee From A Bottle And Letting It Get The Last Hit On A Boss.

Anon asked:
Do you think there are any chairs, seats, or stools in your home upon which you've never sat?

Owashii replied:
Some old folding chairs that I did not know existed until we just brought them down from the attic for the move.

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you ever make eye contact with a dog in public and you're like :^) and the dogs like Σ:•D and you're like :^D

There we go. Stuff has been moved. Done for now. Yaaay.

Okay, now that coffee is finished, corgi helps move things.

Anon asked:
What is your least favorite holiday and why?

Owashii replied:
Valentine's Day. It's incredibly unfair to people who are single and it's the only holiday where it's not truly up to you whether or not you can celebrate it.

Anon asked:
Would it be okay if I'd yip into your maw?

Owashii replied:
Only in a CPR context, otherwise it'd make me uncomfortable unless it's my gf.

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