Am awake! Happy 4/20! I have work later so only pot I'm dealing with until afterwards is a pot of coffee.

roses are red
violets are blue
dippity dep dep
bloopity bloo

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Oh my god Adele broke up with Simon Korobeiniki THE ENTIRE FABRIC OF SOCIETY IS IN TATTERS

okay but seriously why am I supposed to CARE? This LITERALLY HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH MY LIFE.

I'm still waiting for the Bueller report HE'S STILL LATE FOR CLASSSSS

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the roses are red
and the violets are blue
this is a haiku

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hey Snouts
if anyone out there can write / customize a Wordpress theme for me, i would pay you for it,
bc i am on a time crunch and cannot learn about file architecture under all this stress,
DM for inquiry

In hindsight, as much as I don't like being bored, I'll take that over being so stressed I start to go insane.

We keep hearing about the Mueller report, but what about the Bueller report? HE STILL HASN'T SHOWN UP FOR CLASS

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, weh I don't wanna go to work

I have hit my limits of the amount of dialogue tree I can take in one sitting.

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