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For , instead of making yet another introduction, I'm making a list of what you can expect to see from me so you know what you're in for when you follow:

-Video game musings
-Dog noises
-Absurdist poetry
-Sappy relationship stuff
-Redrafted/deleted attempts at jokes
-Abbie (a dog)
-Vents which are usually deleted afterwards
-Self-meta commentary
-Cannabis stuff
-Whether or not I have coffee

Not at all a complete list, but I'm running out of space.

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roses are grey
violets are grey
everything is grey
i am a dog

roses are yellow
violets are blue
google isn't really giving me any conclusive answers to what lays in between
but i am a dog

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check it out I'm a dog


wait fuck I gotta check my notes again

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You've heard of bark, but have you ever heard of *opens mouth and emits dot matrix noises and paper with "bark" written on it.*

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i'm a dog
i'm a dog
dog dog dog
i'm a dog

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a messenger runs 26 miles and says with his dying breath, ασ΄λδκξφ΄λακσξδαοσιθδφυοι;θςεηρκλξασδφ

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okay seriously why the RP with the game store domain names?

Like it's not that I have a problem with it, I actually want to know /why/ it suddenly became a thing with a bunch of people doing it at once.

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anywhere else

>im gay
<dang dude thats cool thanks 4 letting us know


>im gay

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self care is remembering every instructor who gave me shit for bringing a laptop to school in 1999 because my hand didn't work and thinking about them being mercilessly crushed by the inevitable cyberpunk future of 2020


roses are blah
blah blah blah blue
ooooo *wag*

oh right I forgot the link

blep! anonymous question thingy, it's like CuriousCat but you aren't required to link an account to another social media account just to log in.

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@owashii @Kat
So, uhhhh. "No homerow" is now a thing, is what I'm getting from this?

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Woof woof. Woof arf arf. Arf arf woof arf? Bark bark. Awoo.

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please boost: reply to this with a keysmash and whether you're top/bottom/switch

i wanna see if this is actually a thing

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TMI tuesday or whatever? doesn't matter, still dog AMA

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