Alright well I'm comfortable with my body but I don't really consider myself exclusively male. Is there such thing as male non-binary? If so that's what I am! He/him preferred but they/them okay.

I'm not gonna worry anymore about that being valid. I'm going to be happy being me.

@owashii If this helps at all, there absolutely is such a thing as male nonbinary! As in, I don't think it's all that uncommon.

Not that it's necessary for you to just be yourself, but. It is a thing.

@owashii Take it from another masculine AMAB enby, you're entirely valid~

@owashii Non-binary has even less rules than other gender identities and I've definitely seen people claim "NB male" before

And even if I hadn't, you could have made it a thing by claiming it yourself

@owashii I go with demiguy myself, with this definition appealing to me:
"Demiguy can be used to describe someone assigned male at birth who feels barely connected or disconnected to that identification, but who usually does not experience a significant enough dissociation to create real physical discomfort or dysphoria."

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