If there's anything I've learned from seeing other people play parts of Doom 2016, it's that they always regret not putting most of their early argent cells into Ammo. I have put all but one into ammo and am not encountering any significant difficulties.

Correction: I am not encountering any significant difficulties beyond struggling to not fall off of platforms.

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@owashii I remember 16 was a bit tough on it, isn’t Eternal really scarce from what people have been saying? Hell the chainsaw even regenerates fuel to help

@Jarey_ @owashii what’s happening for me not to run out of ammo is that I constantly chainsaw fodder enemies whenever I can when I’m in battle. I rarely ever accumulate 3 fuel units, so I almost never chainsaw heavy enemies. But I don’t struggle with ammo as much as some people seem to, on the flipside

@Jarey_ @owashii (I personally like that the game allows different playstyles, I could very well aim to chainsaw and one-hit kill heavy enemies so I have an easier time dealing with all the rest)

@Siphonay @Jarey_ I rarely have to use the chainsaw. I've only run out of ammo during a fight once, and that was at the very beginning.

@owashii @Jarey_ I’ve never really ran out of ammo completely, but some enemies weak points are easier to take out with specific weapons and it can be an issue for me to run out of ammo for a single one sometimes

@Siphonay @Jarey_ It also helps that I'm being extremely thorough and not only do I have high capacity for ammo but I've found every single secret so far, so I have many wepon.

@owashii @Jarey_ yeah I think I’m in one of the lasts levels but I’m currently replaying previous missions beforehands because I unlocked upgrades that make secrets easier to find and missed 3/4 secrets in every mission before

@owashii This past week I beat DOOM 2016 on Ultra-Violence and I only had to use the chainsaw once during the game for ammo. In contrast with Eternal where it's much more of a regular necessity

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