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@owashii Chupybara dont drink blood, we feed off the brainwaves of sleeping goats we snuggle up with

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i kid you not jeff, he made a statue out of himself. he's called king ozymandias. and the statue - it's just legs. funniest shit i ever saw

@shel wait you are saying the spleens were inside us all along?

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some people enforce a lot of gatekeeping in transition. they say you have to be on HRT for a while before the authorities will issue you your πŸ₯š two πŸ₯š eggs or your bone marrow & spleen (as is appropriate for your gender)

but this is NOT NECESSARY

When you realize you're a woman, you will find your πŸ₯š two πŸ₯š eggs buried beneath the soft soil beneath where you first felt gender euphoria

Men, you have had bone marrow and spleens this whole time, your gender euphoria Activates Them

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yeah well your *face* is a rote, hackneyed technothriller with no original story beats and a cold-war outlook on geopolitics that's totally inapplicable in a 21st-century world, how about that

food combination that may sound kind of odd but made sense in theory and worked in practice 

oh my lord I did not realize that The Horribly Slow Murderer With The Extremely Inefficient Weapon turned into an actual /series/

this is amazing

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row row row your boat gently down the boat

@EvilBobarino now i'm imagining spongebob as a pickle and it's entirely your doing

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