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hullo!!!! im apollo and im doing pixel art commissions to raise money, i am Broke

i'll do all sorts but nothing NSFW/gory please!! thank
also make sure you have a SFW reference onhand as nsfw references really put me off work, thank 2

respond to this poast in DMs if you're interested with a ref and an idea and we can talk it all thru yo

alternatively if you're not interested in a commission please consider donating here!! thank you, any amount helps

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i got a piece of commission art thru today and... oh god... oh god i am weak. its me, sleepy chips bitch

many thanks to @[email protected] for my life

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here's my new apollo refsheet for you folks at home
i hope you enjoy her

thinking about being so lovely and soft wnd warm.. im so nice
knead the pudge. love the big tail ness

when you put on weight during HRT is that called trans fat

cool halloween ideas for you and your friends: become the toad in the hole

you make me... squish! you make me hip squish

strumming guitar. to no avail. i Amn just a rock star

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you kids remember that "new grounds" malarkey

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believe in the union that believes in you!

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