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posts on Regular Mastodon are like "hi I'm Clover, I'm a howlennial living with my partner out in the Pacific Northwest, I'm not much of a creator but I dabble in world-building and my hobbies include cycling, guitar, and costuming" and on Furry Mastodon they're like

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re: Jupiter Ascending, vaguely horny 

Tonight's movie is Jupiter Ascending, apparently!

apparently I missed boosting this on's birthday! happy birthday,!

it's so long ago i don't even remember who or what it was for but i drew a deer that i still kinda like

THANKS FOR STOPPING BY OUR #KORPSCON INAUGURAL STREAM, everyone! We managed to raise over $2000 CAD for our charity, The 519, which is BONKERS. We're continuing charity slots during our stream tomorrow at 10am Pacific / 1pm Eastern, so stay tuned to !

hey everyone I know I'm late but are we still playing I found a ball that's me-sized

aaaaaaaaa look at this patch i got from CloverHare on twitter

plane dragons are so blessed............

re: vaguely horny, Pokémon SM037: Rising From The Ruins 

FINALLY able to call this done, and not a moment too soon! (Done in #Krita and Blender.)


It’s called a “crush“ because I want her to crush my head between her thighs

vaguely horny, Pokémon SM037: Rising From The Ruins 

pokémon, Detective Pikachu 

alternatively: since pokémon language is understood universally between pokémon but incompatible with human speech, if someone calls their Lycanroc "Rockruff" or "Lycanroc" does it just hear it as some random word either way

d'you think when a pokémon evolves it immediately internalizes its new name, or is there like a period of time where someone's Lycanroc only responds when they call it Rockruff

oh anubis? you must mean the

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