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posts on Regular Mastodon are like "hi I'm Clover, I'm a howlennial living with my partner out in the Pacific Northwest, I'm not much of a creator but I dabble in world-building and my hobbies include cycling, guitar, and costuming" and on Furry Mastodon they're like

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Anapa with Egyptian lute or Anapa with modern synth guitar?

whoops, threw on some FLCL-era The Pillows about an hour ago and haven't been able to pull myself away from the PC since

okay @brushy and i need your help. does anyone remember the vine where a dude in a fursuit gets hit by a bunch of falling pineapples while the pina colada song plays

we've been trying to locate this since vine died and it needs to be shared

in a cruel twist of fate, BLFC 2018's con theme was music-related and I'd already made the best joke for that in 2017 as well

BLFC's con theme for next year is tabletop roleplaying games but I already made this joke last year

Oh yeah, so I should probably pin something about these for people that missed the info about them

I'm doing full-body sketches of people's sonas for $20-$30 on Ko-Fi

I'm free-reigning these, and all of them will be NSFW

if you're interested, send a payment through

I'm plugging through these at a rate of about 3 a week, so please be patient with me :heart_pan:

I paid the artist behind the board game Root to draw Kenji for me, and the result is impeccable.

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fresh out of the oven by @Fireflufferz starring @boringcactus @pandorasfox and yours truly drinking that dumb bitch juice

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