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posts on Regular Mastodon are like "hi I'm Clover, I'm a howlennial living with my partner out in the Pacific Northwest, I'm not much of a creator but I dabble in world-building and my hobbies include cycling, guitar, and costuming" and on Furry Mastodon they're like

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FROM THE PATREON: january $20 patron sketches! headin' into the whole year with all SORTS of shenanigans.

subscribe today: #nsfw


I’m gonna learn ya how to make you AND your fursona look snazzy and fashionable at my panel - In the Fursuit of Fashion on Friday, the 22nd at 5PM!

Check it out! 🤙

a buddy of mine keeps linking me to Resident Evil 2 videos with that DMX song dubbed over it, so I'm making him watch Cradle 2 The Grave

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Lycanroc friend prefers the winter months because it means longer nights and More Two-Legged Time.

(they secretly also enjoy having their head patted and ears scritched during the day, though!)

character concept: Lycanroc pokésona, but they shift between Midday and Midnight forms every sunrise/sunset.

They try to keep a nocturnal sleep schedule, because they prefer being awake on two legs and curling up in bed on all four.

it's a belated Mascot Monday! sorry about the delay!!

Booper returns as this week's mascot, with a twist! art by @SHSunny!!!

Okay, I done did it, here's Simon Snouts (thank you @demoweasel for the name and general inspiration! )

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OXIDE is my webcomic about space exploration, horticulture, isolation, survival, community, capitalism, and hope - and you can start reading it today, right now!

let me write the title theme for your coming of age video game that panders really hard to neon millennial nostalgia and probably has too many settings on the west coast.

you know??? a gamer?? soft tummy, huge chest, big paws???

I am actually a little worried that I'm going to forget to switch back to my normal profile pic at the end of the month, because the last time did something like this was when I decided to "try being a deer for a week" in mid-2015

and so I say to you, from one kangaroo to another: g'day =3

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