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posts on Regular Mastodon are like "hi I'm Clover, I'm a howlennial living with my partner out in the Pacific Northwest, I'm not much of a creator but I dabble in world-building and my hobbies include cycling, guitar, and costuming" and on Furry Mastodon they're like

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horny, sharks (nsfw m/f) Show more

Assassin's Creed: Origins: Trials of the Gods (optional boss fight, minor spoilers) Show more

kink: anubis, macro/micro (sfw) Show more

Beat Saber, embedded video in birdsite link, bright lights and flashing colors Show more

Beat Saber added a bunch of Imagine Dragons songs, and they're not *fast* songs, but they're charted so there's something going on almost every beat, and whenever a beat lands on a heavy bass hit I'm inclined to really put my body into it.

Consequently, I couldn't make it through the whole pack because I got so sweaty that I was fogging up my roommate's PSVR goggles. 💦

I feel like we haven't had a good non-Euclidian puzzle game since Antichamber, so I'm definitely interested in Superliminal.

Poll's closed! "I'll Be There For You" was the clear winner here, which I blame partly on it being the theme song from the sitcom Friends—but I'd also argue that Friends was the most 1990s sitcom, so I'll allow it anyway. Everyone wins!

Turns out pants are illegal now. Just chonky roo legs. Art by dragonpajamas on twitter !

see also: U2's "Elevation," featured in the Tomb Raider soundtrack.

aesthetic mood: the official music video to Lit's "Over My Head" where they superimpose the band members over footage from Titan A.E. so it looks like they're in the movie too.

Apparently there's more than one song called "All For You"! Not that it deserves to win, necessarily, but this should help clear things up.

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