hi friends! It occurred to me that I should lock down my account since I post spicy content on occasion β€” and while I was cleaning house, I bulk-removed any followers that Mastodon listed as "dormant". This was not an intentional soft-block! If you were following me before and find that you suddenly aren't, feel free to send another follow-request. Sorry for the inconvenience! 🦌

@AshBunny you're fine, no worries! :3 I think Mastodon's criteria was based on accounts that hadn't posted in a couple of months, and then I checked any account I wasn't already mutuals with to make sure they were 18+.

@phenokage (sorry i just have seen your posts around and thought i should finally follow! Didn't meant to make it a weird timing!)

@SuperCee No worries, this wasn't in direct response to that at all. ^^ If anything, your own account being locked helped me realize i ought to do the same!

@phenokage honestly locking an account is the BEST. I love it cuz you can still post public but you can keep your locked stuff on the down low

@SuperCee for sure! I tend to keep my πŸ”ž stuff on a locked birdsite account β€” and the more stuff I can put here instead of there, the better, I think. :3

@phenokage totally understandable to wanna get more here for sure! :purple_sparkling_heart:

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