Species (1995) is Giger-esque in the way Dark Seed II (1995) is Giger-esque.

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The Sci-Fi Channel Original Pictures version of Species would introduce the titular creature in the first 10 minutes of the film, spend 70 minutes following the team of researchers trying to track the creature down, and bring the creature back for the climactic 5-minute finale.

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@phenokage Species is peak softgiger in the way that it is also peak softcore pornography in moments.

@Scruffo @phenokage anyone who isn't already horny for unsoftened giger is a coward

@Kat @phenokage Everyone's horny for that one time he did a butt sex wall where one of them had a condom on it.

jk that one is bad and lazy.

@fineursine Luckily there's still plenty of 90s-CG Sil in the real film's climax, too. :D

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