What kind of Android phone are folks using these days? My Galaxy S7's starting to show its age and it'd be nice to have something that I don't have to recharge halfway through the day.

I appreciate the recommendations folks had! I'm looking into the OnePlus, now it's just a matter of whether I want to save up for an unlocked one or pay it monthly through my carrier.

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@phenokage I've got a Pixel 3 that I've had for like a year and a half. It's OK, wish it had a real headphone jack though.

@srol ah, yeah, it seems like phones with headphone jacks are hard to find these days. Might finally be time for me to get a pair of wireless earbuds as well, haha.

@phenokage I'd 100% recommend the OnePlus 8 (normal or Pro), TBH, if that's in your price range.

@phenokage I got a oneplus 7t pro and I can get two days out of it unless I really hammer it

@Moot @phenokage isn't they fuckin rad af? I have a 7 pro, my husband had the 8.

Love these phones

@a_puma01 @phenokage previously I'd only used googlefones, but I'm very much into this oneplus right now considering its very close to stock android and the stuff it adds or changes is mostly very good

@Moot They're fantastic phones, this is my first one from them and i'm /really/ impressed. Think i went almost 50 hours without a charge under normal use lol

@phenokage We've had an LG G5 for the past several years, and it's served us well. The replaceable battery is nice, and a charge lasts about one and a half to two days.

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