Pokémon SM140 

Halo: CE Anniversary 

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implied post-tf, Pokémon SM139 

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Doom Eternal, spoilers 

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Couldn't find the last time I posted my Switch Friend Code, so here's my Switch Friend Code!

I saw some toots this morning about the Zune, and it reminded me of the time I slapped a new battery into mine and loaded The Killers' discography onto it as a worldbuilding exercise.

Easing into spring with a belated birthday gift from @seriousink! Just a forest-doggo vibing in the park, not a cellphone in sight. Absolutely beautiful~

I keep coming up with pokésonas that I want to throw a fight against, and Brent is no exception. Anyway, here's a new drawing of this rowdy pokébully by knucklebone! :3

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