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Every place you've ever imagined.
It's real. There is a fictional city
in your mind and you know every
corner of it. Your mind is a world.
Each of us is a place.

I try to be a mediator. But the reality is that I end up mediating my own thoughts and feelings. Which is healthy and positive, I guess

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What's this stuff about Bernie I'm seeing

Thanks @CosmoSnowmew and your dead dog party playlist πŸ˜†

Me: "I think I'll get a hot chocolate, then have an early-ish night to bed."

ADHD Brain:
"We πŸ‘ like πŸ‘ to party
We like πŸ‘
We like to party πŸ‘"

It's 5am, now I'm actively awake and trying to get off to sleep, there's this ticking clock in the room and it's driving me mad

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I find it amusing that some people have 3D printing as their hobby from the standpoint of imagining like, someone having an ink printer as their hobby

like oh yea, I just like to print stuff out, thats my hobby

Urgh shopping centres are a sensory nightmare

Royal dark red, crimson red, purple spots, dragon belly sunshine yellow. Hrgh

Wanna paint my fingernails in my character's colours hmmm

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it's called systemd because it makes your system delicious

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