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You might already know me if you followed @derpcorgi (instance offline). Had a change of sona and a hiatus from the fedi. I was also at this year ^^

Have some cute art!
Credit: Orlando Fox, Pap3r Dragon, Paco Panda

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Hey, I'm Pico! Decided to see what all the fuss is about in the snout club :dragnthink:

Sat in bed reading, for the first time in years. Thanks, Adam Savage. Great book.

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Hey you going to CFz? Me too!
Need a badge? I'm doing 'em!

It's just round the corner so a quick bump for this! If you're going CFz you're going to get a printed and laminated badge so you don't have to do it yourself!

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Mine was Hydro Thunder, and Smash TV, both on the PS1. Loved them to bits. Still do love the arcade classics. Shame that Midway aren't still going :c

What were your favourite game(s) when growing up?

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Morning snouts. Like afternoon snouts, but sleepier

Trying to apply logic to emotions, what could possibly go wrong

Tired: squeaky clean
Wired: squeaky yeen

Spring clean the apartment like a good derg on a Sunday :drake_dislike:
Finish making a kigu and leave a fluffy fabric mess :drake_like:

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I can see there's some irony in that, given my name. No need to point it out >.>

- are protectors
- great at snuggling
- come in various shapes and sizes
- each have their own distinct personality
- are stupidly adorable!! :dragnpats:

If you don't get dragons, go find yourself a cat :P

Well I *reaallly* like dragons, and oh dear, look what happened to me

Be careful not to like dragons too much, folks

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