"And unlike streaming services, all games will be playable offline" so they really are shitting on goog

"there's a lost civilization in our fridge" is a hell of a concept for a 15 minute short

Fish Night is such an aesthetically brilliant episode I absolutely fucking love this

love death robots uses a lot of uncanny valley cg and it's really off-putting sometimes

here's a fun fact that'll make you go "oof yikes" 

so far i gotta say love death robots is way more gripping than black mirror ever was

giant lesbian deathbeast just putting on her human suit so she can be lesbians without anyone going "hey aren't you a giant deathbeast"

how come i don't get to be a giant deathbeast that has to pretend to be a human

i watched the first episode of Love, Death & Robots

and good lord

apple is announcing an event with the tagline "it's show time" and all i can think of they're about to announce their own version of Google Sanrio or whatever it's fucking called I forgot the name

Fox owners:


pikachu squishing its lil cheeks is the best

just the best thing in general

all my video game trailers are going to have the bandicam free watermark on them

when's disney gonna make An Extremely Goofy Show

my phone is finally getting to that stage where it'll drain 30% of its battery in a day despite me never using it

in the exact same tone he took when he said "I like a couple of the gaga songs, WHAT THE FUCK DOES SHE KNOW ABOUT CAMERAS"

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