i forgot i ruined my not-playing-stanley-parable streak accidentally so I may as well play it again

y'know, martin short could always voice the joker

In awe at the lack of size of this lad

my collection of fine art enamel pins is growing

the best part about sweet bro and hella jeff merchandise is I will never be able to tell if this was a printing error

apparently the 2.80 beta release of blender is like super stable so like, I may give it a shot???

all furry comics start exactly like this i hate it

i fucking forgot my kickstarter profile image was nicholas cage with his eyebrows photoshopped off and just

also I got two autographs and I'm wondering if that makes me like the extra special delux boy

but that is a deception as they had to make room for the spoon,

dang you might wsay that sweet bro and hella jeff comic is looking THICC AS FUCc

what was you're favorite version of ubuntu linux

>Warty Warthog
>Gutsy Gibbon
>Uppity Sub
>Oneiric Ocelot

we live in a world where i can say “home stuck roleplayers found my barbecue sauce tweet” and people know exactly what i mean what the fukc

the homestuck rp accounts found my barbecue sauce tweet

spotify is letting me look at ellen degeneres’ started list and i was afraid it’d be nothing but shitty new top40s but radiohead’s karma police is in there so at least now we know she also listens to shitty top40s from 1997

which one of you sent this to me

i am working at a vape shop i don’t work at anymore tonight ama

this isn’t horny but i know people don’t like seeing posts about bodily fluids Show more

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