my favorite part about the sylveon character gluttony is that it's not a vore thing he's just a fat piece of shit, like me

all braixens are into kinky shit like holding hands

Like if adobe was so skeevy they purchased autodesk and put their software in the Creative Cloud suite that'd be fine by me, a poor person

what if sonic team made a stealth action game where you played as Whisper infiltrating an Eggman base

while we're at it "lore" is the dumbest reason to not include something because fun fact about lore, it can always be rewritten especially if it's a new game

an admin in this discord im in is getting mad because they genuinely think male viera are evil and aggressive and that's why they aren't playable

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Like I'll no bullshit say Fallout 76 is a better game than Anthem lmao

what adobe SHOULD have done was bought autodesk and then make all autodesk products not fucking 3000 bucks a year

I'm still pissed adobe bought Allegorithmic lmao

they could have done bare minimum to be better than fallout 76's launch and even that was too much for them

"And unlike streaming services, all games will be playable offline" so they really are shitting on goog

Steven Spielberg looks like one of those people who when you ask him about any sort of media his response is "no, who directed it" and has some sort of anecdote he made up about them

god nothing boils my blood more than gamers saying "pro-consumer"

i'm watching this person compare fallout 76 to no man's sky and he keeps calling NMS a live service while trying sound as distasteful about the term live services as possible but in the sad monotone white american voice every youtuber seems to have nowadays and it's kinda sad.

NMS ain't even a live service, it doesn't have microtransactions

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