James Dean and Jim Davis were both born in the same small town in Indiana

Which is why this absolute shitpost of a sign exists

Oh, I'm sorry, James Dean was born in another small town, but he was raised in Fairmount

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It would be funny if everyone in Fairmount is named Jim, Jimmy, or James

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Since this blew up beyond any reasonable expectations, consider donating/supporting the following black trans causes and individuals:

GC2B binder company offering 100% of proceeds to BLM related charities -

CJ, a college friend of mine whose brother died from covid and is struggling -

Sunyata, a classmate of my partner who had to temporarily drop out of school and is now in the shelter system (image below) --

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Bail earmarked for trans people, including but not only protesters -

Princess Janae Place, by and for trans people of all ages, founded and led by black trans man Jevon Martin -

Kortney Ziegler, a black trans man and founder of Appolition, a bail app that went under when covid hit -

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The creator of the B.C. cartoon strip came from my hometown, so we have cartoon cavemen and dinosaurs on a lot of our county signs.

@pizza_party Fairmount may be where *cool* was born, but Mastodon is definitely where it comes to die.

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