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I'm Joe and I'm an artist. I started doing art six years ago when I was 22 and took a drawing class, and three years ago I started painting. I've always liked anthropomorphic creatures, so when I started doing art from imagination I started doing that. Eventually I started getting more involved with furries since they have always been my biggest audience and I met some cool people.

Fursona is Henry Clay the civet, named after awesome artist Heinrich Kley. Look him up!

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NSFW furry art Show more I accidentally uploaded the high resolution Deo picture as public on my Patreon just now and I thought yeah. You know what? Yeah. That's appropriate.

one of my hard drives isn't initializing


the meme dog is still alive and is still a v good girl btw

kinda not sure where my wacom stylus disappeared to

made a fun little abstract thing while testing out brushes

i don't have anything set up to send images yet so a photo of the screen is all i got

furnal equinox, credit cards (Twitter boost) Show more

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