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this kind of in-your-face combative messaging addressed at changing harmful behaviors towards queer people is a great example of a large organization doing pride right

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Somehow they made Mac Pro look even more like a cheese grater than it did in the past

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We're here, we're queer,
Get used to the fact we have a right to express ourselves in ways that make your precious little heart uncomfortable and you don't get to curate us

Imperial College London is working on a womb transplant method for trans women! They're doing a questionnaire for trans women over 16 who might be interested, just send an email to [email protected] (they really want more respondents so I'm helping spread the word!)

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Please send @Ace some love he is a sweetheart who deserves a lot of love just saying. Real :ace: appreciation hours

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@Ace I hear you deserve love so here's some 🤗🤗🤗

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:heart_pride: it’s giveaway time! :heart_pride:

i’m so grateful for all the support and love i’ve received from the community here, so i wanna give my thanks!

- u don’t have to be following me unless u want
- put ur pronouns in ur bio (i’ll be checking!)
- boost this toot
- that’s it! :blobcatblep:

winners will be drawn at random and announced june first
(pls keep in mind i’m not a furry artist however i will be more than happy to try to draw the winner’s fursona as long as u know it’s a toss up how it’ll turn out lol)

good luck i love u!!!

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If you haven’t already, you need to go read the gayest mermaid webcomic ever (now with trans representation!):

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This is a pride YCH for lapisium on deviantART! I really loved the soft tones of this character, they were so fun to draw!

Im posting this out of queue since pride month is right around the corner! I still have this YCH open for $8 USD, you can find it here;
Claim a slot before the 15th of June to make sure its done during pride month! I will, however, be taking slots right up till the 30th of June if you dont mind them being done after pride month is over ^^

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is there a gender neutral version of good boy/good girl?

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