Today's Boob Weather 

I heard the fediverse liked sword lesbiabs and dress go spinny...

shitpost, trans medical surgery mention 

So, last year I graduated from uni with a degree in philosophy. To celebrate, I put together this meme to sum up what I've learned.

Today's Boob Weather 

Eye contact, selfie, sports bra, life stuff 

Today's Boob Weather 

WTF is "Today's Boob Weather"? HRT, GRS, boobs 

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Today's Boob Weather 

cishet people will never know the joy of walking into their girlfriend's room, saying "you're gay", and then walking out

if you love costumery you should be able to walk around comfortably in a costume, god DAMN it

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we need to get rid of the idea that you need a “special occasion” to wear shit you like

❌ "macro NB"
✔️ "They might be giant"

I'm not sure what app causes this pattern, but every once in awhile I see a little kitty trying to peek over the zero line.

@netkitty is that you?

Why many people don't and won't use open source federated sites 

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