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THIS IS A QUILT. Somebody designed this and sewed it up with hundreds or even thousands of pieces of fabric. Don't ever let anyone say textiles can't be art. Amazing. (Not my photo, quilt is by Montse Forcadell Blasco.)

Hello! I'm looking to follow more trans and non-binary runners on here, especially non-binary folks and trail runners. I know y'all are out there! Please boost!

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u ever wanted to just go fuckin wild on a canvas

(David Attenborough voice)

As the days get a little shorter, a crisp chill comes in the morning, we see the change in seasons coming with Now Bikes changing their window display from a fancy road bike to a fancy fat bike

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part five: its twink city
part six: you think life doesnt have enough snails
part seven: you're a christian cowboy with a weird fetish
part eight: nobody knows who you are. you can do infinite crime

part one: big! buff! men!
part two: big! buff! gay! men!
part three: you like dragon ball z and big buff gay men
part four: you just want to live a normal life in a normal town

What Your Favourite Part Of JoJo Says About You

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