four years ago i came out by sending the enginerds at work a short email along with a patch

@pmfrlyn this is very rad and very-belated congratulations :)

@pmfrlyn not sure if i'll ever get up the nerve to do this myself..... but if i do...... imma steal this idea and use it. it's brilliant!

Hoping that went well for you and offering hugs (because hugs are AWESOME!)

@Accalia Gosh! Feel free to steal the heck out of this idea!

I was so surprised with how good my coworkers were about coming out, and more surprised at what a non-event it was.

So many hugs, and I know you'll make the choice that's right for you in the future <3

@DialMforMara this would be a warning that is shown when a program is running, but does not necessarily make the program stop.

In this case it's a way of saying "she really didn't/doesn't like these pronouns" <3

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