i should start streaming games aaaa how to start

It’s Paul McCartney’s birthday today! Happy birthday dude, we all pitched in and got you...

*checks notes*

...Blake Shelton’s birthday. Sorry we’ll do better next year I promise

Love to consume data. Real good to use up all that knowledge so no one else can have it

Someone on tv just said ‘medicine is a field that consumes a lot of data’ and my brain was immediately like c o n s u m e

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*sad Justin McElroy voice* Haha what if someone drew a picture of my dergy gal...wild huh...guess I can dream...

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Friendly note to new snooters: please remember to include descriptions in your media uploads wherever possible! They don't count towards your character limit, they help provide context in some cases and it describes the image/vid for vision-impared and bandwidth-saving users!

its a really neat feature of mastodon!!

What gods are y’all into anyways? Anubis? Stevie Nicks?

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all i wanna do is blam blam blam blam and ka-ching and slay the spire

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