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small reminder that i don't use here much and i will *NOT* see dms very well (I barely see even replies to stuff)

so if you need to contact me please redirect yourself to:

my Twitter
(most likely to get a response at)

my deviantart
(likely to get a response at)


my Furaffinity
(least likely to get a response at other than here)

i also don't post commission openings here; i do post them on these sites, though.

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i should probably do pinned snoots here for ease of access + seeing what i'm up to and stuff, so

hey I'm Princess, I'm a she/her (cis) and in her mid to late 20s (26 at the time of writing this)

i draw a lot of art, you can find it (and prices for commissions) at

(though my deviantart I recommend a little more, it's nice and hi-res there; I only bulk-update my website at the start of a new month now)

this might seem like a bot post because it's the exact same message as twitter but I promise it's not, i was just too lazy to retype out what i said so i copypasted.

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i missed golden sun day.... but that's okay, i didn't even know about it until this year!

so have a jenna!! mia's actually my favorite but i just drew a cosplay of her and it was hell so here's my second-fave.

post-tf; pokemon anthro (mermaid-esque) 

transformation; taur, pokemon anthro, post 

a refsheet i did for my SO! very cute character (her name is Angeline!)

gonna start posting non-tf/taur art here as well, i hope y'all enjoy

post-tf; anthro pokemon 


mid-tf; pokemon, anthro to quad...? 

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