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A reintroduction is nice!

I'm Proxy! I'm a glitchy purple cat from Boston! I'm an electronic musician specializing in chiptune! I am way too into all things music/audio production, anime, coffee, portable games, etc. Check out my bandcamp, twitch, & patreon to support my creative output!

I'm queer and poly as hell (transfemme enby woman, they/she).

Feel free to hit me up sometime~ :proxy:

Thanks to everyone who showed up! I’m stoked to play more of this in the near future, keep an eye out~~~

Starting NOW! Playing more Avalon Code, a DS JRPG about the end of the world and attempting to catalogue everything by hitting it with a book! Come watch me be a battle library!

Stream starts at noon EDT/GMT-5! I've turned on the stream to play some tunes, hop in, get yourself a cup of coffee, and get settled~ Streaming more Avalon Code when we get settled!

I'm gonna stream more tomorrow! Around 12 PM EDT/GMT-5, I'll be playing more Avalon Code! Tune in, keep an eye out on this thread, scream at me for awhile maybe

also i'm almost done with Death Mark, literally got just the DLC chapter left to clear. that sure was a game that had...about as much good as bad about it, if I'm being honest.

I bough Cadence of Hyrule as a treat to myself for dealing with getting fired yesterday and my power going out for a few hours upon getting home today

i'm a responsible adult

I have enough keyboarding skill to know basic techniques and work with standard synths, but for reference: when going through music school I was primarily a clarinetist but specialized in all woodwinds besides flute

do I wanna get back on the horse with piano, completely relearn mandolin, or actually learn to play guitar :blobcatthinking:

I also wanna actually take vocal lessons since my voice has shifted somewhat thanks to hormones, and I know I have potential to improve my singing voice instead of what I currently work with

Me: I don’t dance really
Me, when someone hits that mf play button on “Big Time Sensuality” by Björk: out of my fuckin way I’m gonna go wild

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Gonna stream sometime this weekend! Maybe tonight when I get back home! Maybe tomorrow morning! Gonna play Avalon Code no matter what though! Stay tuned~ :proxy:

Good morning did you know a nice cardigan and a solid makeup job can make even a casual t-shirt dress you got for $10 CAD from Bluenotes look work-appropriate

🎶You’ve been acting awful tough lately🎶
🎶Smoking a lot of cigarettes lately🎶
🎶But inside~🎶
🎶You’re just a liTTLE BIT OF MONICA ON MY SI D E :bassboosted:

🎶You’ve been acting awful tough lately🎶
🎶Smoking a lot of cigarettes lately🎶
🎶But inside~🎶
🎶You’re just a liTTLE BIT OF MONICA ON MY SI D E :bassboosted:

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