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A reintroduction is nice!

I'm Proxy! I'm a glitchy purple cat from Boston! I'm an electronic musician specializing in chiptune! I am way too into all things music/audio production, anime, coffee, portable games, etc. Check out my bandcamp, twitch, & patreon to support my creative output!

I'm queer and poly as hell (transfemme enby woman, they/she).

Feel free to hit me up sometime~ :proxy:

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The small confidence boost before going into a Sunday cafe shift brought to you by taking the time to put on lip gloss and eyeshadow while doing my makeup

siblinghood of the traveling floss

shoutout to the trio of people flossing at this T stop

also heard this track, which is super post-punk with a poppy edge and shreds really hard I’m still obsessed with MotFD to this day tbh

2009 Proxy heard this exact post-hardcore track at a panel at an anime con about Japanese indie music and fell in love

now this band is mega-successful, and that rules

Today’s a day where I drink a red eye hot coffee from the comfort of a blanket and play an otome game

mesmerized by the party im @ but also there’s a streamed dr Mario happening on one of the screens so im gonna pass out watching that on the couch

if someone asks me about something I’m not super into, i just reply with a tutting sound before saying “you didn’t buy that Proxy DLC”

got a blank check from the vibe checkbook

tied for favourite seltzer: san undertale

my favourite seltzer, san telegramo


wrap cat up in a blanket or three, throw them onto a couch

I’m very affectionate and gay and I will never apologize for it

(+) work, gender 

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The ride never fucking ends, I just got hit in a high speed chase by someone being chased by the cops and I have about 1200 in bills coming at me fast. I need help again, I’m sorry.$chillauryn

Something I won’t be able to easily replicate in Canada: access to import rhythm games that are my casual gaming lifeblood

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