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so one of my partners' birthdays is the 25th of this month, and it would mean a lot if yall could share my ko-fi around to help me get him something nice!!

i mostly like painting but i like making pixel stuff too! anyway thanks for reading, have a nice one ;w;

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making a list of requests so far so i don't forget anyone ;w;

- girafarig
- braixen
- floatzel
- dunsparce
- incineroar
- nidoran ♂
- slowking

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i don't like when auto correct tells me to capitalize twitter or facebook or google

i don't even capitalize god or jesus, i'm certainly not extending that courtesy to fucking brands and businesses

that honor is reserved exclusively for Howard the Duck

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Finally getting back into artfight mode and drawing for a friend!

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White kids' racism is a symptom of white racial respectability politics Show more

tiny thing to fight surveillance capitalism Show more

someone made a list of alternatives, and i'm stealing that list to post here as an fyi

equipping a new hat that will give me +1 in the brain cells stat

i dont have the energy of a dad or a mom, can't i just be baby

me, stupid, asking a woman out: will you be the *holding her* to my *is hold*

no one who follows me cares about lupin, possibly anime in general, but the new cgi movie looks fucking rad and i can't wait

there's like 2 people i need to show that meme later and i'm dating both of them

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