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2 be pinned: even if we don't know each other and you've never even spoken to me, please let me know if i post a lot about something that bothers you, and i'll try to be mindful and cw it! you're welcome to dm me, but if you'd rather just mute or block me i won't take offense! curate your online experience however you see fit!

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my dog is a brat who is taking up my entire side of the bed and she WILL fuss and grunt at me if i attempt to move her

i forgot how much this is like a horror movie at the beginning. this like home alone if the robbers were in fursuits

playing cat in the hat on netflix to see how long it takes my partner who isnt paying attention to notice what im making us watch

Unplug. Your mind needs to recharge, too.

@ptchu666 true socialism is being able to communally share jokes.

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The mountain shakes. The mountain shakes. The mountain moans with regret because it feels the darkness that it will never have.

Today's gender is grateful and creative.

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