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last night i dreamt there was a yugioh card that when played, it forced the other person to deactivate their tumblr

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so one of my partners' birthdays is the 25th of this month, and it would mean a lot if yall could share my ko-fi around to help me get him something nice!!

i mostly like painting but i like making pixel stuff too! anyway thanks for reading, have a nice one ;w;

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making a list of requests so far so i don't forget anyone ;w;

- girafarig
- braixen
- floatzel
- dunsparce
- incineroar
- nidoran ♂
- slowking

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i don't like when auto correct tells me to capitalize twitter or facebook or google

i don't even capitalize god or jesus, i'm certainly not extending that courtesy to fucking brands and businesses

that honor is reserved exclusively for Howard the Duck

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last night i dreamt there was a yugioh card that when played, it forced the other person to deactivate their tumblr

My etsy shop, please boost! 

it's been a long time coming, but i've finally drawn the third of @fluxom_alt's sonas, stardust

they are a little extra

shane just tickled the shit outta me bc he asked if i wanted soup or salad and i was like "what the fuck is super salad, idk what that is"

he thought i was goofin and didn't wanna believe me when i said i really just be like that

as a cat furry, finding reaction images for myself couldn't possibly be any fucking easier. the internet is 80% cat pictures

In the first Spyro, there is not much moral ambiguity. All your enemies are really just gems that were transformed into gnorcs and you fight different kinds of gnorcs. But in the second game, I am convinced that everyone is a psychopath. Every level has Group A fighting Group B and you just happen to save whichever side talks to you first. Then you have to completely destroy the other side and sometimes you harvest their dead spirits for power-ups so that you can kill even more of them.

i wanna live like the golden girls when i'm old, but like gayer

what's a two letter word for "big gay nerd"?

it's me

Redrafted for pol cw 

i do this every time i get on here, i never learn, i will never learn

the good people of mastodon: type out descriptive detailed content warnings so i don't open a nude that i don't actually wanna open

me, a fucking fool: clicks everything open immediately and reads nothing until it's too late

question about tagging food 

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