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I didn't know making was a thing when I joined so here's mine!

My name is Kyle. I am a 21 y/o trans man studying Communications, specifically in regards to how people interact with and utilize media. I am the founder of the Trans Artist Collective, an all ages discord server for transgender artists after having moderated for a similar server for several months before it grew inactive.

Happy to be here!

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We apologize for this interruption of your beautiful Saturday. July 20th but an important announcement must be made:

You need sunblock.

If you are going to be in direct or indirect sunlight, and you are an organic human being, you need sunblock.

Melanin, while beautiful, is NOT a Get-Out-Of-Skin-Cancer-Free card. It just isn't.

It doesn't matter if you "tan and don't burn", you need sunblock.

Everyone needs sunblock.

It doesn't even have to be from NYC if you just get a pizza inside our borders, I'll forget this ever happened

You all need help in the form of NY pizza. Please, love yourselves

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GF: ew, this bill is dirty
Me: put it in the washing machine
GF: yeah dont you know that's how money laundering works?

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What if
We were both
Just kidding................unless?

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You: my fursona smells like pine nettles and coffee
Me: my fursona smells like versace "the dreamer" cologne

Thinking about Ben & Jerry's Shweddy Balls

My girlfriend and I went to her first zoo last year (she lived in North bum fuck) and for our anniversary I wanted to do it again but the heat wave fucked shit up so damn.

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incredibly detailed true-to-life CGI trains with the actors' faces digitally glued on front like Thomas the Tank Engine

I get discounts with Dell because I'm in NSLS hell yes being a kiss ass pays


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