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MASTODON! The results are in! I finally found some time today to compile something that, while not perfect, gives a general idea of the results and what they mean.


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I didn't know making was a thing when I joined so here's mine!

My name is Kyle. I am a 21 y/o trans man studying Communications, specifically in regards to how people interact with and utilize media. I am the founder of the Trans Artist Collective, an all ages discord server for transgender artists after having moderated for a similar server for several months before it grew inactive.

Happy to be here!

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W-w-welcome back to KGFX16AW FM home of the hottest hits we're coming at you with a straight hour of wagon wheel on repeat

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Pet health (-) 

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what if we were pupy and wanted to go for a walk. we are both puppy. who will walk us

I have to diversity inclusion training for school bc there's been a slight uptick in bias related incidents since 2016, but something different about this one is they have students giving personal accounts, some of which are using ASL which is insanely cool.

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Rough sketch but thinking about painting Darkness' House from Pajama Sam 1 between commissions

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The ride never fucking ends, I just got hit in a high speed chase by someone being chased by the cops and I have about 1200 in bills coming at me fast. I need help again, I’m sorry.$chillauryn


Fuuuuckkk nooooo I'm tired as shiiit

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hey y'all! just a quick reminder that if ya really dig snouts, we have a patreon! every a dollar a month helps (I'm thirty of those dollars, myself! still paying the equivalent of the original monthly hosting fees from August 2018). if you're hard up for cash we totally understand, but please consider donating!

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very much in the spirit of my "wrong company motto/logo combo" post

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God I love Armello but waiting in a queue sucks and waiting for other players to fucking make a move sucks even more

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