[redraft] I am doing a survey for a class on the affects of content warning prevalence on Mastodon. The survey takes a few minutes and should no longer require you to log in. If you could complete and retoot, that would be fantastic! The more responses the better.

Would like to note that while I am nearing 100 responses (!!!) this survey will close on Friday, sometime mid day EST. I will possibly share results as I'm sure people are curious, and I am too!

I will share the results in a thread as opposed to the paper itself, as nobody wants to read academic shit and I don't think people really care about selective exposure theory even tho I'm modifying it for my purposes.

@punkpooch I feel like attaching my contact info to an anonymous survey is counterproductive but feel free to add me to the pool of people you can contact

@noiob it won't be used to identify you in the paper. The survey is for statistical data, the interview if one is selected would allow people to choose how they want to be identified if at all

@punkpooch I just think the contact info and the statistical data should be collected separately

@noiob it's a really short paper, so I wasn't given a lot of time to gather data. The survey gives me the major data I need, and I only need two in depth interviews at minimum. It's a research class so it's more practice applying theory and conducting independent research if anything, but I wanted to do it on something interesting.

@punkpooch "what content warning do you usually see?"
cw horny

@punkpooch just responded, pls send me the academic paper when its finished omg

@annastinks will post results here, but if you want the boring paper I will make that happen 💪

@punkpooch I added my stuff 😊

Feel free to interview me, because I am *passionate*! 😃

@punkpooch I filled it out previously, are you still counting that data or should I fill it out again?

@Mycroft data is being counted! I haven't deleted any responses.


This post should have one. The survey is not on Mastodon, it is on googledocs.

@wuffel creating surveys on Mastodon and hosting them here creates more work for me. Google Forms compiles the data for me and this assignment is due Monday. It's not large and not going national. The survey utilizes multiple choice and fill in answers as well as a numeric scale. Using Mastodon for my purposes despite this being a small project would be immensely inconvenient and not allow me to meet the criteria

@punkpooch Quick question: is this exclusive to Mastodon or are you looking for responses from other Fedi apps too?

@socks anything that utilizes Mastodon, really. This isn't going national, just demonstrates to my professor "I know how to do research and apply theory"

content warning survey image description 

@aldersprig no worries! I'll make light of it in the paper results even tho it's not a commonality in responses!

@punkpooch one more you find interesting: our instance admin ( @InspectorCaracal ) has been leading the way in using a CW for Unsolicited Advice

@aldersprig @punkpooch that makes it sound like I'm constantly giving people unsolicited advice behind a CW lmao

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