registration is now closed again! new accounts are by invite only. thanks and welcome to all the new folks!

we also block several other instances that host content that violates our rules - from illegal material to nazis. we’re committed to this space being safe and making it a fun and relaxing atmosphere.

for a full list of our rules and the instances we block or silence, check out this page:

thank you and welcome!

for our new friends: please be aware that mastodon and in particular is actively moderated!

this means that in addition to your own tools for mutes, silences and blocks, our staff is here to help and keep this space a safe and happy one. if you see something that violates our rules, or if you get followed or DM’d by a bot account, please report the post or account and we will take a look!

a mini ! with the recent influx of friends looking for new instance homes, we have temporarily opened registration without an invite! we will close it again in a day or so ❤️

hello new friends, and welcome to our little corner of mastodon! want to get the most out of your time here? here's some tips!

- read our rules here:
- follow the Snouts Timeline! our community is friendly and fun and we'd love to have you there!
- follow @pupdates for important information!
- invite your friends!
- check out our patreon!
- ask a staff member if you have any questions!

snouts staff is: @masanbol @Ace @Inazuma @tahajin @GlitterDisaster

hi all! in about 10 minutes, there will be another brief period of downtime while we upgrade to mastodon v2.6.3, which has some security and performance fixes. thank you!

apologies for the delay - maintenance is now finished! :blobcatcoffee:

good morning! in about 5 minutes, there will be a couple minutes of downtime while we perform a quick update to mastodon v2.6.2. thank you!

psst, we also have some really neat changes to our patreon coming soon, and we want to get you involved! more on this in the next few days! :dogcited:

hey everyone, just wanted to send out a huge thank you to our patrons, all of whom make possible! and a special thanks to @stellarstag @PennsyRacc @jdlwerewolf @Tanuki_Snooty for supporting our CUSTOM EMOJI tier this month!

:stellarstag: :pennsy: :jdl: :tanuki_snooty:

want to support our patreon is here!

a few folks have asked for the list of instances we suspend or silence - it is now at the bottom our rules page!

hi all! we will be performing a quick server restart in a couple minutes to make a few changes on the backend. thanks!

follow-up for those who didn’t see the earlier, and a bit more information - is now running mastodon 2.6! this is a bigger release with some cool new features, including in-stream link and video previews, changes to DMs, and more! read about it here:

micro - we have updated to mastodon v2.6.1 this morning! thanks and we love you!

hey all! it looks like wasabi, the data hosting platform that serves's media (and many other mastodon instances including is having some issues right now.

cached images from the last few hours should display normally but you might not be able to upload new stuff until it's fixed. we will keep you posted as we learn more!

All done! If you see any images not loading correctly, please refresh your page.

hey folks! will have a brief blip for our media hosting while we switch to our new media server! should just take a couple minutes ❤️

Big thanks to @Devan for supporting us on Patreon this month! They got their very own CUSTOM EMOJI courtesy of our super generous and talented snouts mod @tahajin!

:devan: :devan: :devan: :devan:

hi all! quick to welcome the newest addition to our snoutmod team, @GlitterDisaster! she’s great and we are super excited that she volunteered to help us out!

just as a reminder, your snout administration is:

ADMINS: @masanbol @Hulex
MODS: @Inazuma @tahajin @GlitterDisaster

thanks! we love you!

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snouts dot online is a friendly, furry-oriented, lgbtq+, generally leftist, 18+ sex-positive community that runs on mastodon, the open-source social network technology. you don't need a snout to join, but it's recommended!

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