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for our new friends: please be aware that mastodon and in particular is actively moderated!

this means that in addition to your own tools for mutes, silences and blocks, our staff is here to help and keep this space a safe and happy one. if you see something that violates our rules, or if you get followed or DM’d by a bot account, please report the post or account and we will take a look!

we also block several other instances that host content that violates our rules - from illegal material to nazis. we’re committed to this space being safe and making it a fun and relaxing atmosphere.

for a full list of our rules and the instances we block or silence, check out this page:

thank you and welcome!

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snouts dot online is a friendly, furry-oriented, lgbtq+, generally leftist, 18+ sex-positive community that runs on mastodon, the open-source social network technology. you don't need a snout to join, but it's recommended!