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---=== Pinned Post: the 4th ===---
Telegram: @pupperbutt
Discord: Nookingtxn#3363
PSN: HuntrInCommand
Switch: 4868 5854 2773

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Remaking my post for all the new Snooters! (Also gonna pin it, too)

Hi, I'm Teo, but most people call me Nook. I'm a cisgay he/him boy (you can call me they/them if you want tho) and am extremely in love with my two boyfriends @hyrgan and @[email protected] ! (Always looking for more :eyebrowwiggle: )

I'm grey-aromantic, only figuring that out relatively soon (this year actually!), and I'm really happy I did.

I'm a tiny ol tanuki with a big heart, so feel free to talk to me!

my friends said they were coming over today, but it is now 2:30pm and i haven't heard from either of them since last night

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just got the strangest urge to play FFXV

why did my brain just think of "Halfway There" by Big Time Rush

re: last toot

wow his nose is huge in this pic

guess he's a true snooter now

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okay today i'm deffo workin on commissions, nothing will stop me

free speechers: words can't hurt anyone you fuckin ignoramus
me: im triple gay

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