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Hi i'm Q and I draw things. I'm pretty much always open for commissions unless I say otherwise! You can dm me on here or on telegram (@ jackaslope)

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also this is hiding somewhere in there under some clear grip. Fuck off.

weh I wish I had an actual job so I could hit like 4 CONS A DAMN YEAR bc I 100% would

hhsipqq a REALLY hunky cosplayer popped up on my TL... I kinda wanna get hunky now... i'm lazy tho

commission for @demoweasel!

looks like Agent Pink got herself in a bit of a jam. Jelly. Goop.

it's kinda like having an itch that never goes away but instead of scratching it you have to do dumb yoga poses to alleviate it

badge commission for @Nenekiri! I'm wide open for comms rn if anyone's interested ;)

(note: I can draw badges, but do not have access to a laminator/printer that works rn. Nenekiri was aware of this and is going to print it themselves)

a rough quote from Caswell Berry, professional skateboarder:

"i'd hear dudes who skated for other companies say like 'damn I need to shoot an ad this month. I'm gonna get broke off trying this trick' and for us it was like, 'are we gonna run through a field naked? or like... moon a goat or something?"

Viva La Enjoi

hey if anyone has a gameboy advanced they don't want, I'm willing to trade ya art for em/buy em! Either the first gen one or the SP

An Imaginary Country by Tim Hecker is one of the most beautiful albums I've ever heard

I sat in the bathtub with the shower running while listening to it for like 45 minutes, watching water droplets form on the walls and stuff. It was really nice tbh

skateboarding is like the most stressful thing in the world but then you have 1 good day skating and ur like "imma keep it"

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