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Hi i'm Q, and i'm a furry artist! I'm almost always open for commissions unless I say otherwise.

here's some links:
KO-FI -​

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hey I decided to make a ko-fi, if you buy me 3 or more I'll do a little doodle for ya! Just send me proof and a ref of your character uwu

as always, thanks for the support!

my mom is addicted to food shopping I swear 🙄 STAY INSIDE YOU FOOL WE HAVE ENOUGH FOOD

oh the subreddit seems like a good place to start tbh imma read things

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it's something i'm seeing more and more now and I want to LEARN

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where are some good resources to learn about plurality?

I really don't deserve my mom at all. She's an angel

this makes me scared to build up anything even remotely nice bc chances are I'm just gonna break that too

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tried to fix things but ended up bricking things further so rip in pepperoni. Only had the thing for a month and a half.

On the bright side I have a screenshot of the one comm I had sketched out so I can just work off that... time to go back to using my mom's computer I guess!!

love how I can't go 3 months without bricking any computer I touch

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cool it just won't restart. It gets to like 60% and then blue screens again. Lovely.

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cool my computer froze up out of nowhere, I restarted it and it got stuck in a blue screen loop so I'm reinstalling windows now. I'm a fucking moron who didn't back anything up so I lost art, including a few WIP's

selfies, ec 

i am now weighing my options between a switch and a fucking telecaster what is wrong with me

learning to play guitar just so I can play along to Pink Flag by Wire

I think the hottest take I have is that I really do not like iced coffee

fucked up how rich people could make hotwheels tracks that go around their entire house but they exploit the working class instead

also I really want a switch so I can play ACNH soo... commission me so I can pee on your island

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