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hey I have a page now! here you'll find all my commission info, and lots of examples too!

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📌 Commission Info! 📌

Hi i'm Q and I draw furries. Here's all the different comms I offer! If you want something specific that isn't listed here, please DM me and we'll work it out.

I will draw NSFW! (please ask about specific desires)

hmu on here or telegram: @ jackaslope !

I am unbelievably thankful to be making any sort of income of my art, thank you to anyone who's commissioned me in the past, or has even just liked/boosted my stuff. I appreciate it a lot!!

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hey I have a page now! here you'll find all my commission info, and lots of examples too!

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(plus I just really love that face) (buck teeth are valid)

steamy profile picture bc it's still pride month and I can fucking do what I want

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early summer is so so beautiful but it goes to shit real fast afterwards lmao

hot damn, summer in the city

I feel so gross and oh so sticky

I was petting my sister's cat and he yawned in my face... and his breath was... SO STINKY...

I'm really excited to see what direction my art goes in now that I'm using Clip Studio and not STINKY DRAWPILE

I'm ready for metamorphosis once again :flow:

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It’s a ! Everyone please welcome our newest staff member, @Manik! We are super excited to have him on the team!!

Snouts staff is currently: @Ace @masanbol @GlitterDisaster @Inazuma @Manik

Feel free to reach out to any one of us if you have any questions or concerns! :gaysparkle:

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