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hey I have a page now! here you'll find all my commission info, and lots of examples too!

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📌 Commission Info! 📌

Hi i'm Q and I draw furries. Here's all the different comms I offer! If you want something specific that isn't listed here, please DM me and we'll work it out.

I will draw NSFW! (please ask about specific desires)

hmu on here or telegram: @ jackaslope !

I am unbelievably thankful to be making any sort of income of my art, thank you to anyone who's commissioned me in the past, or has even just liked/boosted my stuff. I appreciate it a lot!!

I know the first thing everyone thinks about when they hear Daft Punk is Lemmy's Sound of The Summer tweet but I swear their first album is monumental and actually worth your time

hey to the 2 people still waiting for icons, I'm sowwy

they'll get done tomorrow for sure


I had a dream someone really annoying I know joined snouts and followed me and then I screamed for awhile

Adidas discontinued my favorite skate shoe so I'm trying these out. So far so good.... they comfey.....

wew snouts I learned like 3 new skateboard tricks today

remember kids, if you try hard enough ANYONE regardless of species can be pupy

I sometimes wonder what it would be like to be a girl but whenever I play animal crossing and the bus driver is like "AYE LASSY THAT'S A CUTE NAME FOR A GIRL" my stomach backflips bc of how wrong it feels

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oh looks like I am actually going to mff, neat


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